Katie Price Banned From Driving, World’s Most Expensive Paper Bag

01 Sep

Katie Price Banned From Driving – model, author and reality star Katie Price has been banned from driving for 12 months.

Price said that she had not seen 2 speeding tickets she was sent because she does not open her own mail.

The 34-year old said that all of her mail is dealt with by her mother so not only had she not sen the original speeding notices but had also been unaware of the two prosecution warnings that followed.

Price picked up the speeding tickets when she was caught driving her white Range Rover through London in excess of the speed limit on 05 and 06 September last year.

As anyone who knows anything about Price will tell you a white Range Rover is just not going to do for the former model and in recent months Price has been seen driving a pink Range Rover. She told magistrates at the court in Bromley that the white Range Rover was now just “going to waste” on the driveway of her home near Horsham in West Sussex.

When she was caught speeding Price was in the process of moving from Caterham in Surrey to her new home in West Sussex and said that her post was just being thrown on the floor at this time and might not be seen for days.

There was some confusion in court as the prosecutor had no idea who Price was and had to have it explained to her why so many people had appeared in the court for the case.

After failing to convince the court that she should be let off as she did not look at her own mail and also telling them that the white Range Rover was driven by her boyfriend Leandro Penna, Price was found guilty of two counts of failing to give information regarding a driver’s identity as required. As she already had 6 points on her driving licence the additional six penalty points she received meant that she was banned from driving for 12 months. She was also told to pay a £400 fine along with £350 costs and a victim surcharge of £15.

If you spot a large breasted woman driving s pink Range Rover in the next few days don’t bother ringing the police though as Price’s ban was suspended an appeal.

World’s Most Expensive Paper Bag – if ever proof was needed that not everyone is struggling in the current economic crisis then the fact that Jill Sanders Vasari bag has sold out should be proof enough.

The Vasari bag is made of 100% coated paper and is part of the designer’s 2012 men’s collection and is currently only available in the UK from the LN-CC store in London at a cost of £185 ($290). The store say that they have now run out of their original supply and are waiting for fresh stock to come in.

Consumers eager to throw away almost £200 on a glorified paper bag are also unable to get it online as Jill Sander’s e-commerce site is also out of stock of the Vasari bag.

Just in case you think you are just getting a plain brown paper bag for your money the full specs of the Vasari are: 100% coated paper, stitched seams, 2 metal eyelets on the bottom of the bag, small Jill Sanders logo on the front. There, suddenly it doesn’t seem so dear after all does it?

Opinion is divided on the bag’s merits with W magazine saying that the bag is “perfectly in sync with the fashion house’s minimalist roots.” They also said “Forget recycling — this bag is a keeper.”

Jenna Sauers of fashion site Jezebel was less enthusiastic however saying: “Every time I read about a $500 pair of Rodarte socks, a $9,500 Fendi bicycle. a $53,500 Bottega Veneta suitcase, a $700 Margiela t-shirt, a $2,000 Louis Vuitton trashbag purse, I feel a sense of disappointment. Why does fashion always end up giving fodder to the haters?”


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