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14 Aug

Most Popular Baby Names in England – it has just been revealed what were the most popular names chosen for babies born in England last year.

Top choice for newly born baby boys was Harry, which marks the first time that it has been top male choice since records began. Opinion is divided as to the reasons behind the name’s rise to the top of the ranks with some saying it is because of Prince Harry’s increased profile, others mentioning the impact of the end of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter saga and some attributing part of the increase in popularity to Harry Styles of One Direction. Take your choice: Prince, Wizard or Cougar Hunter!

The top choice name for new-born baby girls in 2011 was Amelia. The increase in the popularity of the name appears in part to be down to the impact made by X Factor finalist Amelia Lily. Interestingly Lily also jumped up the chart of girls names appearing on the list in 3rd place.

Harry and Amelia have replaced the previous year’s top baby names of Oliver and Olivia which both drop down to 2nd place in their respective lists. The information comes from data provided by The Office For National Statistics (ONS) who have information on baby’s names going back to 1904.

For information if you want to know the most popular names back in 1904 for boys the most popular name choice was William followed by John and for girls the most popular name in 1904 was Mary followed by Florence.

For comparison William, James and Thomas were all Top 10 names in 1904 and are still there as Top 10 choices now. Charles was a Top 10 choice in 1904 and has now turned into Charlie as one of the top choices of name for new baby boys. As far as the girls go there are no names in the Top 10 choices from 1904 which are still top choices now. Names such as Doris, Edith and Dorothy seem to have fallen out of fashion these days.

With regards to trends for new names appearing in the Top 100 name choices there are 5 new entries in the boys’ top 100, with Tommy (65), Blake (79), Frankie (84), Elijah (91) and Jackson (99) replacing Aidan, Bradley, Sam, Brandon and Kieran.

On the girls’ list of top names there were six new entries, with Bella (69) joined by Willow (75), Elsie (87), Kayla (98), Francesca (99) and Lydia (100), replacing Maisy, Tilly, Aimee, Libby, Alexandra and Laila. It is a safe bet that Bella has made it onto the list courtesy of a number of Twilight fans who have become parents in the last year.

The Top 10 Name Choices for Boys is:

  1. Harry
  2. Oliver
  3. Jack
  4. Alfie
  5. Charlie
  6. Thomas
  7. Jacob
  8. James
  9. Joshua
  10. William

The Top 10 Name Choices for Girls is:

  1. Amelia
  2. Olivia
  3. Lily
  4. Jessica
  5. Emily
  6. Sophie
  7. Ruby
  8. Grace
  9. Ava
  10. Isabella
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