Olympics Closing Ceremony

12 Aug

Olympics Closing Ceremony – after the spectacle that was Danny Boyle’s lavish opening ceremony the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics has a lot to live up to tonight.

The 2012 Olympics have been universally viewed as a huge success and it seems that the whole country has got behind the Games to make a very special fortnight. Today’s marathon through various tourist and historic spots of London had a massive public turn out to cheer on the athletes. With tickets being difficult for everyone to get hold of the so-called “free events” have meant that events like the cycling road race, the mountain biking and today’s marathon have all attracted extremely large and enthusiastic crowds.

Tonight’s closing ceremony is called “A Symphony of British Music” and will celebrate 50 years of British music and musicians. Although nobody is meant to know who will be appearing on the show the whereabouts of some of our big stars together with some photos of artists rehearsing for the show means that we have a good idea of at least some of the acts likely to appear in tonight’s Olympic spectacular.

Coldplay, Queen, The Who and Annie Lennox are all pretty much nailed on as likely to appear. Madness, Muse and Kaiser Chiefs also seem likely to join them and George Michael has already talked about Wham reforming to take part in the closing ceremony. George said on Twitter a few days ago: “Spending most of the next week rehearsing like crazy for the Olympic closing ceremony.”

Other acts we are likely to see tonight include One Direction, Take That (possibly without frontman Gary Barlow after his recent sad loss) and the most talked about reformation of recent years and the worst kept secret of the Games will see a return to the public stage for The Spice Girls. Most of the group were keen to reform some time ago but it seems that Victoria Beckham has been the stumbling block. She is only appearing here because of her husband David being so involved with the planning of the 2012 Olympics and the fact that David and Victoria are friendly with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As well as all the star names tonight’s closing ceremony will also feature around 4k other performers most of them volunteers as well as the Coldstream Guards and a parade of British catwalk models including Kate Moss.

At the end of tonight’s ceremony the Olympic Flag will be handed over to Rio, the hosts of the 2016 Olympics. Brazil will be given an 8-minute section at the end of the evening to showcase what we are likely to expect next time around.

Viewers in the US will be able to watch the closing ceremony live tonight but only by going online. NBC have received some criticism during these Olympics for not providing live coverage for many of the main events such as Usain Bolt’s 100m victory. Viewing figures in the US have still been very high for these Games and are ahead of those for the 2008 Olympics.

If you are in the uS and want to watch the closing ceremony on your tv then you will still have to wait for some hours after the live event until NBC shows it as part of it’s prime-time viewing. They have defended their decision to show many of the main Olympic events on a tape delay during prime-time as they want to recoup some of the $1.2 billion they paid to acquire the television rights.

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