Brad and Angelina to Marry at their French Chateau this weekend?

11 Aug

Brad and Angelina to Marry This Weekend? – the fact that a big party s being held at the couple’s French home has led many people to speculate that the couple are in fact finally getting married.

Officially it is being said that the party is to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of Brad’s parents Jane and Bill but there are a number of clues that it might be a different sort of event they intend celebrating this weekend.

The couple has spent a lot of money getting Chateau Miraval in Correns, France ready to stage a big society wedding with a big reception hall being built this year near to the intimate chapel on the 14th century estate.

Brad and Angelina have admitted that the biggest pressure to get married has not come from either of them but from their children who it seems would love their parents to get married. With the children coming from several different countries and cultures the ceremony is expected to reflect the different influences within the Pitt-Jolie household. ‘It seems to mean more and more to our kids,’ Brad Pitt said in January.

Robert Procop, who made Angelina’s $250,000 diamond and platinum engagement ring, is believed to be in this part of Provence.The ring was first spotted in April this year after the couple announced their engagement following a 7 year relationship.

Another likely wedding guest is Brad and Angelina’s very good friend George Clooney who is at his Italian home  on Lake Como which is conveniently just an hour’s flight away from Provence and the Pitt-Jolie château.

Before the couple admitted to growing pressure to wed from their children they had said that they would not get married until America allowed same-sex marriages.

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