Marilyn Monroe’s Death 50 Years Ago

04 Aug

Marilyn Monroe Died 50 Years Ago – tomorrow (Sunday 05 August) marks 50 years since Marilyn Monroe was found dead at the age of 36-years old.

The model turned actress was constantly in the press during her working career and it is hard to imagine what level of coverage she would have received in today’s instant information world.

It was not just the media who were interested in Marilyn though as she was subject to the attention of the FBI. Even now it seems that the full story is not likely to be told as it appears the official line is the files on Marilyn are missing, the FBI say they no longer have them and they are apparently also not at the US National Archives either.

Marilyn was a figure who worried the authorities as she had a well publicised affair with US President John F Kennedy as well as hooking up with his brother Robert Kennedy. It has been suggested that for a short while she was in fact having an affair with both brothers at the same time.

You can add to the Kennedy brothers other affairs with well-known figures such as Frank Sinatra. All this attention obviously changed Marilyn and although JFK was happy with a casual affair in 1962 it seems that Marilyn even believed there was a chance she might become the American First Lady.

Add to Marilyn’s links with both the Kennedys the fact that she married playwright Arthur Miller, a well-known left-wing figure in US society, and the FBi were getting seriously worried that Monroe might be recruited by the Communists. This was viewed as a very serious problem and is one of the reasons why many people at the time of Marilyn’s death believed she might have been killed by an agent of the US government.

After Marilyn was found dead in her Brentwood apartment the official cause of death was ruled as being a “probable suicide” due to an overdose of sleeping tablets.

Many believe that even if the US government were not directly responsible for her death that one of Kennedy’s aides should have made sure that JFK did not get involved with the actress as she had a well publicised history of drug and alcohol problems as well as a number of psychological issues with several suicide attempts on record from as early a time as her first marriage back in the 1940’s.

Whatever her personal problems and failed relationships Marilyn will be best remembered as possibly the biggest sex symbol of the modern era. She certainly bewitched a number of men in her lifetime and after her death Marilyn’s 2nd husband Joe DiMaggio arranged to have roses sent to her crypt three times a week.

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