Best Bond Body, Jodie Marsh and Kirk Norcross Naked Photo Shoot

20 Jul

Best Bond Beach Body – Ursula Andress has topped a poll organised by Debenhams to find the best Bond body of all-time.

The actress played Honey Ryder in 1962’s Dr No and the opening shot of her coming out of the sea wearing a white bikini has entered into Bond and cinema history.

The white bikini with the wide belt and knife holster has become one of the most recognisible outfits from any movie and is one of the star items in the recently opened Bond exhibition.

The beach scene from Dr No was so iconic that Halle Berry’s character Jinx Johnson acted out an homage to her in the movie Die Another Day. It is this scene that earned Halle Berry 2nd place in the new Bond Body poll.

Third place in the list went to Daniel Craig for his scene in swimming trunks in the movie Casino Royale. The actor wore a pair of pale blue Grigio Perla trunks and is thought to be responsible for a surge in tight trunks for men and a slump in baggy style mens beachwear.

The list of the Top 15 Bond Beach Bodies is:

  1. Honey Ryder  (Ursula Andress) – Dr No
  2. Jinx Johnson (Halle Berry) – Die Another  Day
  3. James Bond (Daniel  Craig) – Casino Royale
  4. Solange (Caterina Murano) – Casino  Royale
  5. Dominique Derval  (Claudine Auger) -Thunderball
  6. Domino Petachi (Kim Basinger) – Never Say  Never Again
  7. Major Anya Amasova  (Barbara Bach) – The Spy Who Loved Me
  8. Pussy Galore (Honor Blackman) –  Goldfinger
  9. Andrea Anders  (Maud Adams) – The Man With The Golden Gun
  10. Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) – The Man With  The Golden Gun
  11. Lupe Lamora  (Talisa Soto) – Licence To Kill
  12. Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry) – Live And Let  Die
  13. Tiffany Case (Jill  St. John) – Diamonds Are Forever
  14. Kissy Suzuki (Mie Hamma) – You Only Live  Twice
  15. May Day (Grace Jones) – A  View To A Kill

Jodie Marsh and Kirk Norcross naked photo-shoot – the former glamour model who is now known for being a bodybuilder and her TOWIE nightclub owner boyfriend have posed for a rather strange set of nude photos.

Jodie has been very vocal about the fact that her and her boyfriend have a purely celibate relationship but has then decided to show a set of photos of them together with her pressing her naked 32GG breasts against her naked boyfriend.

Other sets in the photo shoot include Jodie with slightly more clothes on in front of a naked Norcross who is having his modesty protected by a strange green beret she is wearing.

The photos are intended to provide a publicity splash for Jodie’s new business enterprise JstJodie which nobody will be surprised to hear involves the sale of protein supplements and other bodybuilding supplies.

The photos seem a strange way for Marsh to reinforce her celibacy message as she drapes herself all over Norcross. She has talked about her celibacy decision saying: “I’ve been celibate for so long that I feel like a virgin again. And I’m a bit scared of sex now. I’m scared of giving myself to someone.”

Other photos of the pair are intended to appeal to the patriotic with them wearing small union jack outfits and most of the other shots show off the bodybuilder’s large number of tattoos.

Marsh famously does not get on with Jordan (aka Katie Price) our other pneumatic model and one of the many reasons may be that Marsh used to be married to Matt Peacock, a former boyfriend of her rival.

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