Lana Del Ray Fashion Shoot, Mermaid Body Found

17 Jul

Lana Del Ray – the singer has been chosen as the new face of high street fashion chain H&M.

The 26-year old has been signed up for the company’s autumn campaign which launches this September. The range is hoped by H&M to ‘inspire’ their customers, as well as offer them quality fashion at a  good price.

The theme of the new campaign is said to be a modern feminine woman with the focus on curves and emphasising the waist.

Lana has been involved with fashion campaigns before as she has already had a bag named after her by luxury bag makers Mulberry. Lana said that having the Mulberry bag named after her was a dream come true.

She has also been seen on the cover of British Vogue and has made a name for herself with her individual fashion style.

H&M’s spokesperson  said of their new signing: We  were looking for a style icon and singer to model our fall collection and Lana  Del Rey was the perfect choice.

‘We think she shows our fall fashion in a  very inspiring way.’

As well as appearing in a series of press ads for the H&M campaign Lana will also star in a brand new tv commercial. The photos for the collection were taken by Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and feature Lana in a pale pink angora top with matching mini shorts.

The singer has not been neglecting her music whilst she has been getting more involved with fashion as she has recorded a cover version of Blue Velvet which will be featured in a new short film that is to be released on 19 September and this will then be edited down to become the tv ad for the new campaign.

Mermaid Body Found – a documentary shown in the US on the Animal Planet channel seems to have caused a lot of confusion.

The programme Mermaids: The Body Found attracted a viewing figure of just under 2 million making it the most watched feature on the channel for some 6 years. Despite the channel being known for exclusively showing real life nature features the mermaid documentary was largely full of completely fake information.

Even though Animal Planet aired a disclaimer saying the special was a work of science fiction, many viewers took it as being just another of their real life features. Look at the Animal Planet message boards and you will be shocked to see just how many people believed what they saw.

Because documentary makers now have easy access to the sort of technology employed in big-budget movies they were able to use CGI to show footage of mermaids swimming and even show a mermaid giving birth.

Such was the confusion caused by the programme The Department of Commerce’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) had to get involved saying that “no evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found.” The agency put a statement on its website, in which it said that the very question of the existence of mermaids should be “left to historians, philosophers, and anthropologists.”

Here is the original brief for the programme from the makers: Two former National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration scientists, after investigating mass stranding of whales, claim to have recorded mysterious underwater noises coming from an unknown source. This sound resembled a sound previously recorded in 1997, called the “bloop”. They recovered 30% of the remains of an unknown creature from inside a great white shark which was said to possess attributes of the human body. They alleged that the marine creature had hands, not fins, and the hip structure of an upright animal. These findings, along with many others led the team to determine that this unknown animal was very closely related to humans — a mermaid.

So we hope that has cleared things up!

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