Madonna Flashes Boob, Town Mayor is a Cat

15 Jul

Madonna Flashes Left Breast– following her recent concert in Istanbul where she flashed the audience her right breast the singer has now got out her left boob at a concert in Paris.

We wonder if the 53-year old is on too high a dose of HRT as she has had trouble keeping her clothes on in public in recent weeks.

At this latest Paris concert on her MDNA tour she followed up her boob flashing moment by turning round dropping her trousers and showing her backside naked apart from a tiny black g-string.

To add to our “Madonna midlife crisis theory” the concert also featured the singer performing a striptease to the capacity crowd at the Stade de France. The striptease and corset removal were obviously of high quality as the world’s top striptease artist was in the audience and tweated her approval after the show.

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese said: “Excellent striptease and corset-lacing moment in the Madonna show.”

Dita was not the only celebrity to catch the Queen of Pop’s Paris show as also in the audience were Dannii Minogue, Anderson Cooper, William Orbit, Nicki Minaj, Martin Solveig and Jean Paul Gaultier, the designer of Madonna’s iconic conical bra.

There was further controversy later in the concert when Madonna showed a video of the President of the far right French National party with a swastika superimposed on her face. To add to the insult the image was of Marine Le Pen was shown just before a picture of Hitler.

A spokesperson for Le Pen said that a lawsuit for  public insult would be lodged with the French courts in the next few days.

Alaskan Town Mayor is a Cat – the small Alaskan town of Talkeetna has had a cat as its mayor for the last 15 years.

In 1997 the usual dull selection of mayoral candidates left residents of the small town underwhelmed so a campaign was started to get the then kitten Stubbs elected as mayor.

Enough of the 900 or so residents were impressed by the high moral standing of the mayoral candidate not to mention that he licked himself clean and it was also believed that he had been neutered.

Stubbs has impressed the residents enough over the last 15 years that nobody has felt able to challenge the feline for the job of town mayor. Also unlike the normal holders if office Stubbs has proved to be an excellent draw for tourists.

Every day dozens of tourists turn up at the town’s general store to see the famous feline. The town of Taljeetna us at the base of Mount Mackinley in Alaska and previously had very few tourists stopping off there.

Let’s hope that the shrewd action of the Talkeetna residents gives other towns paws for thought!

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