27 Places to See Before You Die, American Idol Judges Quit

13 Jul

27 Places You Must See Before You Die – CNN has just released an updated list with the 27 places around the world you must see before you die.

There are 3 entries in the list for the UK with the huge murmuration of starlings flying around the ruined West Pier in Brighton coming in at Number 2 on the list. In case you wondered a murmuration is the collective noun for a group of starlings. As this is local to us at What’s Hot you can guess we are pretty pleased about its inclusion on the list. We can also confirm that when the starlings take flight on a beautiful summer’s evening it is an awesome sight. On many evenings it is estimated that there are over 1 million starlings meeting over the West Pier in Brighton.

At Number 24 on the list is the Lake District with the ruined tin mines in Cornwall coming in at 27th spot. CNN said of the Cornish tin mines: ‘The tin mines may be closed, but the ruins of the structures which once housed them near St Just make a thrillingly dramatic counterpoint to the rugged rocks and wild seas of Cornwall’s north coast.’

Coming in at Number 1 on the list of places you must see before you die is Borobudur in Java, Indonesia at sunrise. CNN said of their top must see place: “Watching the sun rise over the hundreds of stupas and Buddhas at Borobudur before the public descends in droves to disturb the peace is one of the world’s most rarefied experiences.”

The full list of the 27 places you must see before you die is:

1. Borobudur at sunrise, Java, Indonesia
2. Starling murmuration, Brighton Pier, England
3. Northern Lights, Scandinavia
4. The great migration, East Africa
5. Star-filled sky, Mackenzie Basin, New Zealand
6. Torres del Paine, Chile
7. Djmaa el Fna, Marrakech, Morocco
8. Yosemite peaks, California, United States
9. Santa Maria Salute, Venice, Italy
10. Jungle pyramids, Palenque, Mexico
11. Electrical storm, Tornado Alley, United States
12. Sydney Harbour, Australia
13. Inside the Thrihnukagigur volcano, Iceland
14. Monument Valley, United States
15. Taj Mahal, India
16. Kasanka bat migration, Zambia
17. Carlsbad Cavern, New Mexico, United States
18. Lunar rainbow, Victoria Falls, Zambia
19. Shubenacadie tidal bore, Canada
20. Cape Tribulation, Australia
21. Rock face city of Petra, Jordan
22. Enrosadira, Dolomites, Italy
23. Fairy chimneys, Cappadocia, Turkey
24. Lake District lakes, England
25. Sardine run, South Africa
26. Pristine beaches of Islas Cies, Spain
27. Cornwall’s ruined mines, England

American Idol Judges Quit – Jennifer Lopez has just announced that she will not be returning to the tv talent series next time.

She becomes the second judge to quit the show in just 2 days, following Steven Tyler’s departure yesterday.

J-Lo was speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his US radio show this morning when she told him in a tearful voice that she like Tyler would also not be returning to the show next series. She said to Seacrest: “I didn’t know I would be so moved emotionally from working on the show … It was such a lovely surprise in my life.”

Although Lopez also said that she had found the decision “super-tough” it is quite likely that both she and Tyler had been given the nod that the judging panel was in for a shake-up after some poor viewing figures. In the US, American Idol now ranks behind The Voice in the credibility stakes and it is thought that the show’s producers were looking for a major change in the show to improve ratings.

In fact rumours are rife that the only remaining judge left on the panel, Randy Jackson will also be leaving the show. Jackson’s agent declined comment when asked today whether his client would be leaving the show.

Jackson is the least well-known of the American Idol judges here in the UK. He started off as a bass player with Santana and Jerry Garcia as well as also playing with many other different artists such as Journey, Aretha Franklin, Tracy Chapman, Blue Oyster Cult, Madonna and Mariah Carey.

Interestingly the last of those mentioned may well be joining the American Idol judging panel for the next series. Mariah Carey has been hotly tipped to become the newest member of the American Idol team.

American Idol seems as though it is trying to appeal to a younger audience as it has attracted criticism for the age of its judging panel with many calling it “middle-aged”. Hardly an image that will help increase viewing figures amongst a younger section of America.

Although American Idol is still the tv talent show with the highest ratings the viewing figures are well down on those it was getting when it first came on the scene. In fact the ratings for the last series were down 30% on the previous 2010 series of the show. Even the final only managed to draw an audience of 21.2 million viewers which is a long way down from the figures of over 30 million the show was getting for ordinary episodes a few series ago.

Fox will be keen to ensure that the show remains a success as it is believed to be the most profitable show on US television. Forbes has estimated the revenue coming in from advertising bought in over $13m an hour for the network during the 2011 season.

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