Scarlett Johansson’s Big Deal As The Black Widow, Salma Hayek’s Sexy Stripper Photo

07 Jul

Scarlett Johansson – the actress is believed to have secured the biggest deal by any woman in motion picture history.

She is said to have been offered £13m to reprise her role of Natasha Romanoff aka The Black Widow in the sequel to this year’s hugely successful Avengers Assemble.

The movie became the 3rd highest grossing film of all-time in double-quick time, taking over £930m already before it has even started taking money from Blu-ray and dvd sales. Against the huge takings which would undoubtedly be attracted by the Avengers follow-up movie Scarlett’s agent’s job was probably not too difficult.

Critics and fans of the franchise are pretty much agreed that there is now nobody else who could take the Black Widow part if producers were unable to persuade Ms Johansson with their offer of a record-breaking payday.

Scarlett’s mix of sex appeal and action skills have endeared her to audiences worldwide. She has made the role her own and if the figure of £13m is correct it will exceed the £12.2m that Angelina Jolie received for her part in The Tourist in 2010. Interestingly Angelina is probably the only other big-name actress who could have taken on the role of Natasha. There is obviously big money to be made for women who can look sexy in a leather outfit and beat a man in a fight?

Scarlett is the only female member of the Avengers team but we doubt that the men will be too upset at the news of Scarlett’s pay rise as it is also being reported that Robert Downey Jr, Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth are all to receive a 50% increase in the money that they earned from the first Avengers movie.

Salma Hayek – the Latino lovely is getting tongues wagging as she takes her clothes off to play a stripper in her latest movie Americano.

Some of the early release shots from the movie show 45-year old Salma is in incredible shape as she dances around on stage in front of the punters in a fishnet catsuit. She is also shown wearing just a tiny thong which shows that the Mexican actress looks just as good from behind as she does from the front.

Salma’s exotic looks come not just from a Mexican background as her father’s family originally came Lebanon and her mother is of Spanish descent.

It is not the first time that Salma has played the part of a stripper as those who remember her in the sexy vampire role of Santanico Pandemonium in Quentin Tarantino’s 1996 movie From Dusk Till Dawn will tell you. She also stripdances when playing the part of Serendipity in the 1999 Kevin Smith directed Dogma. So you can certainly see that Salma has plenty of previous when it comes to playing the part of a stripper on-screen.

The actress is currently getting great reviews for her role of Elena a Mexican drug cartel leader in Oliver Stone’s newly released movie Savages. The film is also getting plenty of exposure for Blake Lively who whose character Ophelia is kidnapped by Hayek’s character in the movie. Blake described Salma as being tougher than all of the movie’s male stars put together.

Savages appealed to Hayek as it contained powerful roles for women which she said made it a different movie as her part would normally have been played by a man. She describes the movie as being an intriguing mix of violence and beauty.

With two very different roles in these movies for Salma Hayek things look good for the Mexican actress. She is certainly not letting all the good movie roles go to younger actresses.


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