The Shard Is Europe’s Tallest Building, Body Surfing With Coco Austin Photo

06 Jul

The Shard – Europe’s tallest building was inaugurated in London yesterday.

The skyscraper is 1016 ft (309.6m) high and the structure has 11k glass panels to ensure that there is a great view from above the capital.

There is a visitor viewing area between floors 68 and 72 and this gives an opportunity to look across London from 800 ft (244m) above the pavement. The visitor attraction is called the View From The Shard and is accessed by 2 high-speed kaleidoscopic lifts which go from ground level to 800ft in just 30 seconds.

On a clear day it is anticipated that there will be a 40 mile view across London from the triple height windows on the 69th floor. When you go up to the 72nd floor you are then able to look straight up and see the remaining floors of The Shard point up towards the sky.

The View From The Shard will give people a vantage point twice as high as any other in London. As such it is sure to be a hit with tourists when the attraction is open to visitors from 01 February 2013. Unfortunately it is not just the views that are sky-high as the price for a family of 4 to visit the View From The Shard will be almost £90. An adult ticket is priced at £24.95 with children costing £18.95.

In case you were wondering what was on the other floors there is a combination of retail shopping, luxury accommodation,office space and an international luxury hotel and spa as well as a public seating area with plants on the ground floor.

Although we can be pleased to now have the tallest building in Europe it still only ranks a lowly 59th in the World. The tallest building in the World is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is 828m high making it 2.7 times higher than The Shard.

Body Surfing – the latest craze for celebrities taking to Twitter involves them taking photos looking down at their own barley clothed bodies on the beach.

Celebrity body surfing seems to be a reaction to obvious shots of celebrities in the mirror showing their face and often wearing just lingerie. It seems that they would like to keep us guessing a little about exactly whose toned body we are looking at.

In the last few weeks a large range of celebs have taken to Twitter to post their “body surfing” shots. The list so far includes Kim Kardashian, MIley Cyrus, Adrianne Curry, CoCo Austin, Sam Faiers, LeAnn Rimes, Kelly Brook and Rihanna.

The latest celeb to share their impossibly toned body with all their Twitter followers is model and Seal’s ex, Heidi Klum who showed off a view looking down her toned stomach and very trim legs.

The award for the rudest “celebrity surfing” shot so far goes to Rihanna who amongst several surfing shots posted one of her lower body showing a person with their head between her thighs!

We suppose that at least the craze gets you to realise what it would be like to look down at the various body shapes while you lounge around on the beach. Some are obviously the products of very hard work at the gym whereas the most bizarre shot is most definitely not the result of working out.  Coco Austin has posted a couple of body surfing shots with the result being that we now know what it would be like to lie on the beach and look down between two huge silicon breasts. We have to say that they do rather block the view even when she is lying down!

One surprisingly modest body surfing shot comes from Kelly Brook who is on holiday in Brazil. She posted a shot that rather disappointingly just showed her legs and feet and those of a friend lying down next to her. An opportunity missed we feel.


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