Naomi Watts as Princess Diana, BET Awards 2012

02 Jul

Naomi Watts as Princess Diana – the first pictures are now available of Naomi Watts playing the part of Princess Diana in new movie Caught In Flight.

The 43-year old Australian actress certainly looks the part as she is seen on location in London with Diana style hair and clothes.

Caught In Flight is being directed by German director Oliver Hirschbiegel who is best known for Downfall, his critically acclaimed movie about the last days of Hitler. The new movie also focuses on the last days of a very public figure but there the similarity ends.

The new movie is thought to show her relationship with heart and lung surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan, a British Pakistani who formerly worked at Harefield Hospital. Many of Diana’s friends have said that she thought of Khan as the love of her life and often described him as “Mr Wonderful.”

Some people have talked of Di’s romance with Dodi Al Fayed as her way of trying to make Khan jealous and win him back. Khan is on record as saying that he hated all of the media attention that went with the late Princess. She may have been the darling of the world’s press but he was unwilling to take on such a public role and preferred to work out of the limelight.

Dr Khan is to be played by Naveen Andrews in the new movie and the part is likely to bring him to a much wider audience. He has been seen before in The English Patient, where he played the part of Kip and he was also seen as Sayid Jarrah in cult tv series Lost. Naveen will also be seen playing the part of Lord Akbari in new Sky adventure series Sinbad which starts this week.

Naomi started her career in some light television parts such as her appearances on Australian soap Home and Away. She later moved on to much more challenging roles in movies such as David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive ( a brilliant but somewhat confusing film) and also 21 Grams where she won an Academy Award nomination for her role as grief-stricken mother Cristina Peck.

Watts has said of the role of Diana that she found the thought absolutely terrifying. “She is a part of our history, an incredible woman and fascinating but a tragic ending.”

“The film-makers came to me and it’s a good script and it’s very scary and I kind of wanted to say ‘no’ but I couldn’t.”

The actress is keen to get the feel of what it was to have lived the Princess’s life and even moved to Kensington prior to shooting so she could visit many of Diana’s regular haunts such as the designer shops at Beauchamp Place and The Harbour Club gym in Chelsea which was also used by Kate Middleton prior to her marriage to Diana’s son Prince William.

There is no news yet on any other ‘royals” who might be portrayed in the new movie but it s quite likely that there will be at least one or two other parts for Buckingham Palace or Clarence House residents.

There is no news yet of a likely release date for Caught In Flight but the omens look good for the movie with Naomi Wattsproviding such a lifelike portrayal of the late Princess.

BET Awards 2012 – last night saw the awards dished out in the annual US event held to honour African-Americans in all the various forms of entertainment including music, film and sport.

The awards were shown live on US tv and the censor had a very busy night bleeping out many swear words from the presenters, award winners and performers on the evening. The BET Awards featured a very emotional tribute to the late Whitney Houston with speeches and performances coming from Mariah Carey who told a number of stories of her times with the singer, as well as R&B singers Brandy and Monica who both sang versions of famous Whitney songs. However the most moving tribute of the evening came from Whitney’s mother Cissy Houston who sang “Bridge Over Troubled Water” in tribute to her daughter and brought many of the audience to tears and everyone to their feet.

Most nominated act on the night was Kanye West who received 7 nominations and ended up winning Best Video Award for The Throne with Jay-Z and their song Otis featuring the late Otis Redding.

The second most nominated act was Beyonce who received 6 nominations one more than her husband Jay-Z who was nominated in 5 categories. Beyonce took away the award for Best Female R&B Artist as well as the award for Video Director of the Year, which she won jointly with Alan Ferguson

Beyonce said when accepting her Best Female R&B Artist award: “I fell in love with music by listening to R&B. It’s the core of who I am,” she said, giving special thanks to Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige and “Whitney Houston, my angel.”

Amongst the night’s other winners Nicki Minaj took the award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist but both her performance and her acceptance speech had the censor working overtime as she seemed to forget the awards were going out on live television. She surely knows the score by now as it is the 3rd consecutive year she has taken the award.

In case you were wondering Beyonce and Jay-Z were sitting with Kanye West and Beyonce’s possible new BFF KIm Kardashian. Beyonce was sitting as far away from Kim as she could though and some have interpreted this as her wishing to put some distance in the relationship which seems to have upset a lot of her fans.


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3 responses to “Naomi Watts as Princess Diana, BET Awards 2012

  1. cineroulade

    July 2, 2012 at 7:08 pm

    Not sure if this new Diana movie is my cup of tea, but great casting in the lead & interesting choice of director. Naomi Watts a very talented but strangely chameleon-like actress — one of the few A-List celebs who could go shopping in the local grocery store without being recognized, yet looks uncannily right for the late Princess Di.

    • What's Hot What's Trending Now

      July 2, 2012 at 7:33 pm

      Yes, agree that the movie wouldn’t normally be a first choice but with Watts and a quality director I have hopes it will be raised above the level of the usual “tv movie” royal flick.

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