Cheryl Cole’s Birthday Celebrations, Victoria Beckham Smiles

01 Jul

Cheryl Cole – the singer celebrated her 29th birthday by having a weekend away in Las Vegas with a couple of her Girls Aloud friends.

Cheryl was joined on her wild birthday weekend away by Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh who flew out to see their friend on an Upper Class flight with Virgin Atlantic and started the celebrations some cocktails before they even got to the US.

Cheryl was already in Sin City as her pal Black Eyed Peas star Will.I.Am was playing a set at the XS club on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Joining Cheryl for a special birthday lunch at an upmarket Vegas restaurant were her mother Joan and brother Garry as well as her two friends and bandmates. To mark the occasion everyone (except Cheryl) wore a special Cheryl Cole facemask and the table was festooned with birthday balloons. One of the guests also brought along a giant cookie style birthday cake for Cheryl.

Cheryl, Nicola and Kimberley took to the more grown-up parts of Sin City to help celebrate Cheryl’s last year in her twenties. Nicola later sent a photo to Twitter of the three of them downing shots of Patron tequila. Despite Patron being regarded as the premier version of the Mexican spirit the girls looked like they were struggling to down their shots. Perhaps that is just what happens when you get old?

After a few drinks Cheryl joined Will.I.Am behind the decks for a bit of a dance. Later all the girls got in on the act with Nicola keeping everyone up to speed on the evening’s activities by posting plenty of photos of the girls celebrating on Twitter.

Will.I.Am seems keen that the US becomes as Chezza crazy as the UK is with plenty of plans to increase her exposure over there In the last few days he has said that he is looking to organise a duet with Cheryl and Britney as well as trying to get Cheryl together with Rihanna.

Whatever her plans for the next year it certainly looks as though Cheryl enjoyed her birthday celebrations in Vegas with her friends and family as she posted the next morning: ‘Erm… few questions!! Who am I? Where am I?? Why am I?? What am I?’

Victoria Beckham – after being criticised last week for being the only Spice Girl not to smile at the launch of Viva Forever VB has posted a photo of herself smiling (well almost smiling).

She had received a lot of negative remarks after appearing with her old bandmates for the launch of the new Spice Girls musical when she flew in from the US and left again straight after the launch. It did not escape anyone’s notice that not only was she not smiling but she stood a distance away from the other 4 girls who were standing close together with their arms around each others waists. The other less than surprising thing about the photo is that Victoria and Mel B are as far away as is possible whilst still remaining in the same room. The pair have famously not got on for some years and it is this rift that is blamed for the band’s break-up.

Another of Victoria’s less than close friends is Katie Price who has often been outspoken about her. She said of the Viva Forever media launch that all of the girls were gleaming with joy except one. “Cue Misery Spice, who couldn’t muster up a single smile for all those fans who have made her what she is. Perhaps her bunions were killing her again, or maybe her tight dress meant she had problems holding in her wind – but it felt like a case of her thinking: ‘I’m in fashion now dah-lings. All this is just SO beneath me’.”

Certainly the week’s reunion seems to have squashed any hope of the girls getting on stage together again in the near future. It was hoped by their fans that with the Olympics in London this year as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee that if ever they had an excuse to reform for a while this year provided it. Well Victoria has apparently made it clear that she is fat too busy with her fashion design business to even consider the idea of a Spice Girls concert.

It looks like there are still plenty of people interested in the girls music though as pre-sales figures for Viva Forever were said to be over £1m in the first 24 hours. Mel B has said that she has been told the sales are a record for a show that has yet to open.

In case you were wondering what it was that made Victoria smile it was going to see her children swim with dolphins at an aquatic park near her home in California. She posted on Twitter: ‘Such a special day with the children swimming with dolphins!!! They are so beautiful!!!! x vb.’

The other Beckham family news is that Victoria and David are planning Harper’s first birthday party for the week after next (10 July) with one source quoting the bill already standing at a whopping £50k. Not just jelly and ice cream and a bouncy castle then?

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