Rear of the Year Winners, World’s Most Valuable Movie Poster

27 Jun

Rear of the Year – this year’s winners of the Wizard Jeans Rear of the Year Award are Shobna Gulati and John Barrowman.

They will hold the title for a year and take over from last year’s winners Loose Women’s Carol Vorderman and Anton du Beke from Strictly Come Dancing.

Shobna Gulati is now better known as Sunita Alahan in ITV’s Coronation Street but was first spotted on our screens as the dappy Anita in Victoria Wood’s Dinnerladies, which ran from 1998 to 2000. She also has the rare distinction of being of the few people to have appeared in both Coronation Street and its BBC rival Eastenders where she played the part of Ameena Badawi in 2000.

Shobna credits her mother as being responsible for her top-rated bottom. She said: “I am really honoured and flattered to be a winner of this year’s competition and for my bum to be etched into the history of the award’s alumni – a list which includes so many other distinguished bottoms.”

“And I’d also like to say thanks – in the words of, ‘I got it from my mama’.”

Doctor Who and Torchwood star John Barrowman clearly got a huge amount of votes from his admirers and Wizard Jeans spokeswoman Sally Allen said: “John’s rear is clearly admired on an international basis, judging by the number of fans who voted for him. No doubt his dancing prowess helps to keep him in tremendous shape.”

There have been many well-known winners of the Rear of the Year Award since it was first handed out to Barbara Windsor in 1976. It was originally conceived as a one-off award but caught the public’s imagination and Felicity Kendall was given the accolade in 1981. From that date it became a more regular thing and apart from the odd gap awards were given out annually.

Here is the full list of Female Rear of the Year Award Winners:

  • Barbara Windsor in 1976
  • Felicity Kendall in 1981
  • Suzi Quatro in 1982
  • Lulu in 1983
  • Elaine Page in 1984
  • Lynsey de Paul in 1985
  • Anneka Rice in 1986
  • Anita Dobson in 1987
  • Su Pollard in 1988
  • Marina Ogilvy in 1991
  • Ulrika Jonsson in 1992
  • Sarah Lancashire in 1993
  • Mandy Smith in 1994
  • Tracy Shaw in 1996
  • Melinda Messenger in 1997
  • Carol Smillie in 1998
  • Denise van Outen in 1999
  • Jane Danson in 2000
  • Claire Sweeney in 2001
  • Charlotte Church in 2002
  • Natasha Hamilton in 2003
  • Alex Best in 2004
  • Nell McAndrew in 2005
  • Javine Hylton in 2006
  • Sian Lloyd in 2007
  • Jennifer Ellison in 2008
  • Rachel Stevens in 2009
  • Fiona Bruce in 2010
  • Carol Vorderman in 2011

World’s Most Valuable Movie Poster – a poster that was produced for the Fritz Lang 1927 classic sci-fi movie Metropolis is set to break its own record at auction.

The poster by German artist Heinz Schulz-Neudamm sold for a world record $690k (£443k) in 2005 when it was bought by collector Kenneth Schacter. Now Mr Schacter has filed for bankruptcy and the poster (which he has valued at just $250k in his official papers) is expected to reach as much as $1m at auction. The American movie poster expert Sean Linkenback has called the poster “”the crown jewel of the poster world”.

Metropolis was written by movie director Fritz Lang and his wife Thea Von Harbou and takes place in 2026 in a futuristic dystopian society with huge differences in wealth between the wealthy people living in huge tower blocks and the workers who exist underground.

The movie has some impressive special effects for its time and has a very Art Deco feel to the buildings in the city. The movie struggled a little when it was first released due to the long run time and some scenes which worried the censor. There are a number of shots in the film where you might be  surprised to see women’s’ breasts clearly visible under see-through clothing and there is also an erotic dance scene which features a robot version of Maria, the film’s heroine.

The film was severely cut after release and over the years much of the original footage was lost. In 2008 an original copy of the movie was found in an Argentinian museum and a large amount of money was spent on restoring ll the reels of film to perfect condition. Following the restoration a full-length version of Metropolis was shown on large screens in Berlin and Frankfurt in February 2010.

The movie is certainly worth watching in its new restored version and it has influenced many directors over the years. Just watch Bladerunner and Tim Burton’s Batman to see how much influence Metropolis has had on the science fiction movies that followed it. You can also see a further reference to the film if you look at Star Wars C3P0 after watching the robots in Metropolis.

You even have seen clips from the movie without knowing it as Queen used a lot of footage from the film to provide atmosphere in the video for their 1984 hit Radio Ga Ga. They had to pay money to the East German government for the right to use the Metropolis footage as they were the copyright holders at the time.

It may be that another movie poster takes the most expensive crown as there is also an extremely rare copy of  the poster for the brilliant 1933 King Kong, starring Fay Wray, in Schacter’s collection. In fact the entire collection may have a value as high as $5m but at the present time Schacter is not co-operating with the bankruptcy officials who have asked many times for an inventory of his collection.

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