Daisy Lowe, Holly Willoughby Has Just Got Out Of Bed

25 Jun

Daisy Lowe – it looks as though the model may be getting back together with Matt Smith after they spent time together at the Hackney Festival this weekend.

Daisy, who took 13th spot in this year’s FHM Sexiest Women poll, allegedly split up with Matt, aka Doctor Who, after he was worried things were moving too fast. Well it looks very much like he has changed his mind after he was seen hugging Daisy and even at one point grabbing her bottom

Matt and Daisy were both backstage at the music festival and although Matt was trying to dress down and wore a hoodie (a long way from the bow tie wearing Doctor) he came to life as soon as he spotted Daisy.

Matt has said that he wants to play the iconic Doctor Who role forever as he is loving it so much. THe Doctor famously has 2 hearts and it seems that at least one of these has been lost to Daisy.

Even though they split up last year they appear to have been seeing each other before this weekend as there have been sightings of the pair leaving Matt’s flat earlier this year and they were also seen prior to this both Leaving Daisy’s London flat. Matt was also seen attending Daisy’s 23rd birthday party in January this year. According to the Huffington Post today they also had a more intimate dinner together to celebrate her birthday too.

Daisy won plenty of extra fans with her appearance in Esquire. As well as the undoubtedly hot set of photos she gave the mag an interesting interview. In addition to talking about the more curvy woman’s figure she said how she admired Lara Stone’s figure in particular her breasts: ‘They’re amazing. So perky. Wow. David Walliams is a lucky man.’

She also talked about how much she liked wearing sports bras:’I love sports bras. They usually make my nipples very erect for some reason. My boobs are on the bigger side, so with normal bras all I want to do is take them off, but sports bras are so comfy.’

Not exactly a shy one we think! Now remind us, what do you think could have attracted the Doctor to park his Tardis outside Daisy’s again?

Daisy’s biological father is Gavin Rossdale,lead singer and guitarist with Bush and husband of Gwen Stefani.

Holly Willoughby – if you have ever wondered what Holly might look like with nothing on (be honest now) then you are now one step closer to finding out.

Sadly the photo she shared via Twitter yesterday morning shows only a face naked of make-up. We do at least get to see that she still looks cute first thing in the morning. This will almost certainly be the only way most of us will ever get to see Holly after she has just got out of bed so let’s make the most of it.

Holly posted the picture on Sunday morning as she has to get up early in the week to co-hist This Morning with Phillip Schofield and probably hasn’t got time to take photos of herself at 3am.

She showed herself without make-up and wearing a pair of polka dot pyjamas. She had obviously been up for a while as she posted: “Lunch done, Me however still in nightie! Makeup!x”

Holly posted the message at 10.20 using her iPhone and certainly seemed to be relaxing at home with the family.

Not sure many other winners of World’s Best Celebrity Cleavage would show themselves in this natural a state?

We always knew she looked good when she got herself all glammed up but now we now that she still looks pretty good even when she has rolled out of bed in the morning.

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