Amber Heard, Kate Upton’s Wet T-Shirt Photos

21 Jun

Amber Heard – Johnny Depp’s co-star from The Rum Diaries is increasingly being romantically linked with him following his split from Vanessa Paradis.

The 26-year old actress came out as a bisexual in 2010 at the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation’s 25th anniversary event. At the time she was in a relationship with Hawaiian photographer Tasya van Ree although she said that she was not fond of being labelled and had been involved in successful relationships with both men and women. She said “I love who I love, it’s the person who matters.”

Globe have today been reporting that Heard has been visiting Depp on the set of his latest movie The Lone Ranger. This can’t be dismissed as just a “I was in the area so I thought I would pop in and see how you were doing” type of thing as Depp is filming the movie in New Mexico, not exactly next door to her home in LA.

The magazine is also reporting that Depp has bought Amber a horse so the two of them can go riding together.

Even before the Depp/Paradis split was announced on Tuesday, Texan actress Heard was speaking in glowing terms about Depp. She described her time filming The Rum Diaries with him as “the best experience of my life.” On talking about Depp Amber described him as wonderful, intelligent, enigmatic and sensitive. Sounds quite smitten doesn’t she?

We certainly hope that Amber is not looking to smarten Johnny up as one thing that apparently really annoyed Vanessa Paradis about him was his bohemian appearance and in particular his liking for scruffy hats. Depp was even said to have bought a hat from a homeless man, which didn’t go down too well with Paradis.

Depp and Heard have certainly been photographed together more times in the last few months than Depp and Paradis have. The last time Vanessa had been seen at a public event with Depp was at the Cannes Film Festival as long ago as 2010, although they were spotted dropping their son Jack off at school in November last year but even then they were walking on almost opposite sides of the pavement.

The talk today is that Depp may be looking at handing around $100m over to Paradis as a settlement following the end of their 14-year relationship. This would amount to around half of his considerable fortune but would only be what he would have handed over if the pair had got married and does take account of the fact that they have 2 children together who it appears will continue to live with Paradis.

Kate Upton – the Sports Illustrated model has just landed another high-profile magazine cover on this month’s American GQ Magazine.

The 20-year old is seen on the front cover of the magazine sucking an ice lolly while wearing a very small Stars and Stripes bikini which is struggling to contain her assets.

The shots inside include her lying on the grass wearing a white lace style bathing suit from Lisa Maree and another of her on the grass but this time she is topless, holding her breasts in her hands. There is also a shot of her coming out of a swimming pool wearing a little pair of bikini bottoms and a white t-shirt that has gone completely see through.

Kate was recently seen at number 13 in a list of the most desirable women in the world and we suspect that the photos in the GQ shoot will only help push her further up the list next time.

The photos in the GQ magazine feature were taken by celebrity photographer Terry Richardson who is a regular  for a number of magazines including Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair and Vogue as well as GQ.

Kate has only appeared in 2 movies so far with small parts in Tower Heist and The Three Stooges but we think that she is likely to get more opportunities as her fame spreads. She recently had her Cat Daddy video, shown below, briefly removed from YouTube after they initially classed it as a little too hot for them. It was however quickly reinstated and has now amassed over 7.5 million hits.

Kate Upton great boobs and nipples showing through wet white t-shirt


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    This is great stuff! I’m in love with Amber Heard!

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    Ahh sorry just read it. Do you think it’s true?

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