Hugh Laurie, Brad and Angelina’s Olympic Party

14 Jun

Hugh Laurie – the award-winning star of House, or if you prefer, Bertie Wooster, looks like he is set to play the villain in the remake of the 80’s classic Robocop.

Hugh is set to take the part of the villain who is in charge of OmniCorp the company which is responsible for creating Robocop. You wonder if her would have possibly have been considered for the role if he had not played the part of the grumpy but brilliant Dr Gregory House for the last 8 years. The role made Laurie the highest paid tv actor in the US with earnings of over $400k (£250k) per episode of House.

He achieved something of a cult following for the part of Dr Gregory House including a number of women who seemed attracted by his brooding mixture of genius and melancholia. It was all a far cry from his years in A Bit of Fry and Laurie, Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster.

His reinvention still seems to be paying dividends as the role comes with a pay cheque of £3.2 million. He will also get the chance to play opposite fellow Brit Gary Oldman as well as Samuel L Jackson and Abbie Cornish. Joel Kinnaman from The Killing plays the part of Officer Alex Murphy who turns into Robocop after he is killed by a gang of criminals.

The movie is to be directed by Brazilian Jose Padilha and filming is due to start in Toronto this September. Although Padilha is not that well-known in this country he got some great reviews for his 2007 Brazilian crime movie Elite Squad which won numerous awards in South America as well as the Golden Bear Award at the 2008 Berlin Film Festival. The movie can best be described as a tougher version of City of God but the favella is seen from the perspective of the police in this movie.

There should be plenty of money left for some great special effects after Hugh has been paid as Robocop has a budget of around $100m. You can contrast this to the total budget of Elite Squad which was a mere $4m, not even enough to pay High Laurie’s wages for the new movie.

The movie currently has a UK release date of 09 August 2013.

Brad and Angelina’s Olympics Party – the Hollywood power couple are to host a special Olympics party ahead of the official opening ceremony.

The couple have hired the Victoria & Albert Museum for the party to be held on 25 July just 2 days before the official opening ceremony.

There is going to be a stellar guest list for the party with A-listers from here in the UK as well as top names from Hollywood.

The evening is to be held to raise funds for the Sports for Peace charity and the evening is to be held in honour of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The Sports for Peace initiative hopes to promote the Olympics ideals and encourages fair play, tolerance and international and intercultural understanding.

The party looks like being the place to be during the opening week of the 2012 Olympics and the organisers are making the most of this with a VIP table for 10 people costing a cool £100k. For this you get to mix with all the celebrity guests and amongst the crowd it is expected Princes Harry and William will be there as well as Katherine. Your £100k VIP table purchase also gets you a private reception for 4 people with Muhammad Ali on the 24 July as well as a chance to meet the great man at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

The evening will feature a champagne reception followed by a 4-course banquet. After the meal the guests will then view an award ceremony featuring Muhammad Ali.

The A-listers are then expected to move on from the V&A to Brad & Angelina’s new home in Richmond for a cocktail party. As you can imagine this is turning out to be the most in-demand invitation of the year. Guests have already been warned not to take any photos on their mobiles as Brangelina are keen to keep their guests privacy guarded. This will certainly be the case if Harry, Wills and Kate are dancing and drinking the night away in leafy Richmond.

Amongst the expected guests for the night are David and Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone.

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