Tokyo Skytree Facts, Kelly Brook Reveals Indecent Proposal

22 May

Tokyo Skytree – the world’s tallest broadcasting tower has now opened up to the public.

The Japanese tower stands at 634m (2080ft) and as such has overtaken China’s Canton Tower (600m)  for the title of world’s tallest tower.

The needle-shaped structure has 2 observation decks at 350m and 450m which are reached by high-speed elevators.

The Skytree stands in the Shitamachi district of Tokyo and will be used by the Japanese national broadcaster NHK and a number of other media companies for transmissions from next year. It replaces Tokyo Tower (which looks a little like a white and orange Eiffel Tower) as the national broadcasting hub and will almost certainly also take its place as a tourist attraction. Tokyo Tower has been a feature of the Tokyo skyline since 1958 and has featured in many movies including several in the Godzilla franchise. It has also been used in kaiju movies as well as featuring in Japanese manga and anime.

The Tokyo Skytree has already had to prove the strength of its construction as Tokyo was hit by a serious earthquake in March 2011. The survival of the structure has been hailed as testament to Japan’s earthquake-resistant building technology.

Although Skytree stands twice the height of the Eiffel Tower it is still well behind Dubai’s Burj Khalifa which is 828m (2717ft) high and is officially the tallest structure in the world.

Skytree and the Burj Khalifa are in different categories as far as Guinness World Records is concerned as the Skytree is not a skyscraper as it is not designed for office or residential use.

Although it is extremely difficult to get tickets for the Skytree at present costs for visiting range from approx £3 for children up to £20 for adults. At the moment you can only get advance tickets via a travel agent or by booking online using a credit card issued in Japan.

Kelly Brook – just like the plot of Demi Moore‘s Indecent Proposal, Kelly has been offered €1m to sleep with someone.

Kelly was in Cannes to help promote Keith Lemon: The Film starring comic Leigh Francis when she was approached by a French businessman known as Frederic who offered her the huge sum of money for “just one night.” Kelly seemed a little bemused by this at first thinking it was a prank set up by Lemon to help promote his movie. When bodyguards quickly moved in to escort the businessman away Kelly moved on, looking a little shaken.

Kelly and Keith Lemon have been at the film festival to promote the new movie which Kelly joked she was persuaded to do because of “a dry spell.” She also said that “It was probably the most disgusting, offensive script I’ve ever read.” The pair were seen earlier this week larking about by the swimming pool at their hotel where Lemon drank water from one of Kelly’s red stilettos.

Keith Lemon: The Film, which was written by Leigh Francis together with director Paul Angunawela also stars Laura Aikman, David Hasselhoff and Verne Troyer. The plot centres around Lemon moving from Leeds to London to make his fortune and then after losing everything realising he was happier beofre and moving back home to Leeds. During the course of the movie Lemon also gets the chance to spend the night with Kelly’s character, a scene which Kelly is worried about her family seeing!

Busty Kelly has taken on a number of different roles during her career including presenting, reality tv shows and Strictly Come Dancing but is still best known for modelling swimwear and lingerie. She has appeared in many “Hottest Women” lists over the years and in 2005 topped the FHM Sexiest Women in the World list.

Keith Lemon: The Film is due for its UK release on 24 August this year.


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