Sofia Vergara Out With The Girls, Dannii Minogue Leaves X Factor

18 May

Sofia Vergara – it looks like the newly single actress has been told off for dancing on a chair whilst on a girls night out.

The Colombian actress and model is thought to have recently split from her long-term boyfriend Nick Loeb. She attended the recent Met Ball on her own and it is said to have followed a lot of arguments over commitment, children and Nick’s political ambitions. Loeb has worked in finance for some years being the grandson of one of the Lehman Brothers.

Sofia and Nick are thought to have argued most about children with him being keen on starting a family and her not wanting any more children. Vergara was married to her childhood sweetheart at the age of 18 and although divorced 2 years later she did have a child at an early age.

In Modern Family her character Gloria has a young son called Manny and in real life Sofia had a son called Manolo when she was 19-years old.

Sofia’s single girls night out this week ended up in New York club Beauty & Essex and when Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” got played the actress couldn’t stop herself from getting up on her chair to sing and dance along to the song.

Staff then asked Sofia to get down off her chair for “safety reasons”. One good reason might have been that perhaps they thought Sofia’s leopard print Louboutin heels were not ideal “dancing on a chair” footwear.

We can’t imagine that the curvy Colombian actress will be on her own for very long as her good looks have made many a man weak at the knees.

Dannii Minogue – it has been revealed today that the Aussie will not be returning as a judge on the next series of X Factor.

It is now less than a week before the audition stage of the show begins and it seems as though the programme will be featuring a number of guest judges in Ms Minogue’s vacant seat.

Gary Barlow, Tulisa and Louis Walsh are all confirmed for the new series and after Kelly Rowland rules out a return to the series it was thought that Dannii was odds-on to replace her. However after Kelly ruled herself out of the running the Simon Cowell biography was released with the revelation that Simon had an affair with Dannii whilst she was a judge on X Factor with him. Cue much embarrassment all round and it seemed unlikely from that point on that the two would want to be involved with each other on live television. Dannii is said to be still angry and upset with Cowell that he told Tom Bower about their affair during his conversations with him for the biography.

We can expect a new judge to be announced in the next few days as executives behind the show will want to have a full panel of judges agreed on before filming starts. An X Factor spokeswoman said: ”The panel will be confirmed shortly.”

As well as the 3 confirmed judges it has also been announced that Dermot O’Leary will be returning as the show’s host for a 6th time. Simon Cowell will be the X Factor’s executive producer but as yet there is no talk of him returning to his judge’s seat.

Dannii is clearly very upset about recent events as at least one source has been quoted as saying that she turned down an offer of £1m to appear in the latest X Factor series. She is said to have wanted a sum of £5m to appear as a judge on the programme. This was described by X Factor executives as holding them to ransom and they clearly did not want to be put in that position.


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