Mel C In Jesus Christ Superstar, Beatles Abbey Road Photo

16 May

Mel C – the former Spice Girl has just landed a role in the new Andrew Lloyd Webber production of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Mel will be joining Tim Minchin and more surprisingly Radio DJ Chris Moyles when the show starts touring in Spetember. The first show is due to be held at London’s O2 Arena with Moyles taking on the part of King Herod, Minchin playing Judas Iscariot and Mel C in the role of Mary Magdalene.

Last week the rumour was that Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger was a possible for the part of Mary but Mel C has today been confirmed for the role.

Jesus Christ Superstar has been a major musical since 1970, having been written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim RIce. It started off as a record release but quickly made the move to the stage, firstly on Broadway and then shortly after in London’s West End.

Although the inclusion of Mel C was not expected she should have no problem with the role from a vocal point of view as she was often thought of as the best of the Spice Girls in terms of singing voice. Chris Moyles inclusion is much more off the wall as he has not previously been thought of as a vocal or stage performer.

Moyles said of his news: “To receive a phone call from Andrew is very cool, but then when he asks you to be in his musical that’s pretty amazing and there is only one thing to respond with… And that is yes! My mum’s gonna be well excited!”

The part of Jesus was decided by Lloyd Webber following a new talent show which has already been filmed and is to be shown on ITV1 in the next few weeks.

Tickets for the new show go on sale this Friday (18 May 2012).

Beatles Abbey Road Photo – a rare photo from the original shoot for The Beatles Abbey Road album cover is to go on sale.

The photo shoot only lasted 10 minutes as the police had to stop traffic to allow the shoot to take place. Only 6 shots were taken by photographer Ian Macmillan in 1969 and the photo coming up for sale shows the group walking the opposite way across the crossing to that which was eventually used on the Abbey Road album cover.

Although these things are notoriously difficult to value, initial estimates are expecting a sale price of around £10k.

Apart from the band walking in a different direction the main difference in this photo is that Paul McCartney is seen wearing shoes. The album cover of McCartney walking barefoot across the crossing sparked a huge amount of rumours that he was in fact dead and had been replaced by a double. McCartney himself always dismissed the stories by saying that the reason he was not wearing anything on his feet is that it was a hot day and he had removed his shoes to keep cool. This new photo seems to back this up.

The conspiracy theorists said that the other clues in the photo that showed Paul had died were John Lennon wearing a white suit like a preacher, Ringo Starr wearing a black mourning suit and George Harrison wearing a casual suit like a gravedigger. Although this sounds incredibly far-fetched it should be remembered that The Beatles were a phenomenon in the 60’s and people looked for hidden meanings in every lyric they wrote and everything they did.

You can get some idea of how iconic the photo is by the fact that the crossing in St John’s Wood, London has been given Grade 2 listed status and is still visited by fans from around the world.

The auction will be held at Bloomsbury Auctions on 22 May. Sadly photographer Macmillan will not be there to see how much his work sells for as he died in 2006. As well as his work for The Beatles he also photographed album covers for John Lennon and Yoko Ono, who originally introduced him to the group.

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