Johnny Depp On Playing A Vampire, Carrie Remake

14 May

Johnny Depp – the actor has been talking about his role as vampire Barnabas Collins in the new Tim Burton movie Dark Shadows.

The 48-year old was comparing his character to that of Edward Cullen, the vampire played by Robert Pattinson in the Twilight movies. Depp is in no doubt that his character is the manlier vampire of the two saying that his is the “alpha vampire.”

Talking to The Sun, Depp said:”There is room for two big vampires at the minute in the cinema but I’m the alpha vampire. I’m the more manly one.”

“You know at a very young age I was always obsessed with this character of Barnabas Collins, and there was something, I guess there was something to do about him being this sort of displaced and reluctant vampire and that’s one of the things that was important to Tim and I. In terms of you know translating what we felt about the series, the feeling that we got from the series, translating it to cinema.”

Depp has now worked with director Tim Burton on 8 different projects and says that the two get on really well often thinking on the same wavelength about characters and scenes. When they make notes on their thoughts before shooting a scene they apparently often find that they are thinking the same thing about how it should be shot.

Dark Shadows is based on a US horror soap opera of the same name which ran on tv there from 1966-71. The movie also stars Burton’s wife Helena Bonham Carter, Michelle Pfeiffer, Eva Green and also features a guest performance from rock legend Alice Cooper who stars as himself.

The movie is already on release here as well as the US although critics in America have not been too kind to the film so far. It may of course just be suffering from opening at the same time as the massively popular Avengers movie.

Remake of Carrie – it has now been announced that Julianne Moore will be playing Carrie’s mother, Margaret White, in the remake of the 1976 horror classic.

The title role in the new movie will be played by Chloe Moretz who has already appeared in horror film The Amityville Horror and acted as a vampire in 2010’s Let Me in but is probably best known for her role as Hit-Girl in the 2010 superhero movie Kick-Ass.

15-year old Chloe described the new version of Carrie as a modern-day retelling of the story and said that it would not be based in 70’s like the original movie.

The new movie will be directed by 44-year old Kimberly Peirce, who is probably best-known for her 1999 debut movie Boy’s Don’t Cry, which won Hilary Swank a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Brandon Teena, a transgender man. Swank famously lived as a man for a month while researching for the part.

The new movie’s financial backers will be hoping it is more successful than the 1988 Broadway musical of the story which closed after just 21 performances.

Oh, and by the way, Chloe Moretz also stars in Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp.

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