John Peel’s Record Collection, Demi Moore’s Twitter Change

04 May

John Peel’s Record Collection – the huge collection of 25k vinyl records, 40k vinyl singles and loads more cd’s can now be viewed on a new website.

The legendary DJ who died in 2004 was known for his large and eclectic collection of music and as you can see from the photo here of his room it somewhat took over his home as well as his record studio at work.

The new website, which can be viewed here, has been organised by the John Peel Centre in Stowmarket and will release details of 100 albums every week until at least October this year when the project’s Arts Council funding is due to run out.

There are already some surprises in the first few albums released as few would have thought that one of the main men championing the early days of punk would have had a copy of Abba’s Voulez Vous in his collection.

All of Peel’s albums were entered on small filing cards that he typed himself on an old Olivetti typewriter and they were cross-referenced and given a number which is how Peel (and now visitors to the new website) found the correct album.

With each week’s release there will be digital scans of the filing card as well as one album getting special treatment each week with a feature on the artist including some old clips and an update on what they are doing now.

Peel was famous for finding obscure acts and one of his favourites was Vivian Stanshall, a noted eccentric and former vocalist with the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Stanshall sometimes took over Peel’s show when he went on holiday and also produced a number of special sketches for the show including such gems as the Rawlinson End sketches and individual items such as Aunt Florrie Remembers (From Giant Whelks At Rawlinson End, Part 21).

John Peel was the longest-serving of any of the original Radio DJs and right up until he died was the most respected commentator on many forms of modern music including rock, punk, grindcore and death metal. The new collection should be fascinating to view and see what surprises get discovered over the coming weeks.

Although you can’t play the tracks directly from the site there are links provided so you can experience the music that John Peel enjoyed.

Demi Moore – the actress has finally changed her Twitter name after splitting from Ashton Kutcher.

She has been known to her millions of followers as @mrskutcher but after asking fans for suggestions for a new title she will now be known on Twitter as @justdemi.

One reason that Demi asked fans for suggestions for her new Twitter account is the popularity of the format means that many of her possible choices have already been taken by other users.

Her 5m followers will be looking forward to some more positive posts from the 49-year old who has had a difficult few months following her split from Kutcher. She has had a while away from Twitter after a recent stint in rehab and many of her fans have been worried about her health with the actress being seen out looking quite frail and thin.

The couple were big fans of Twitter when they were together and they also used it to announce at the end of last year that their marriage was over after many weeks of rumours that Ashton had been having an affair.

Lets hope that the next year brings her much good luck and health and maybe even a new man?


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