Nicole Kidman Talks Shooting Sex Scenes For The Paperboy, World Book Night

23 Apr

Nicole Kidman – Zac Efron has been talking about how much he enjoyed shooting sex scenes with Nicole, who is 20 years older than him.

Zac is playing the part of paperboy Jack James in new thriller The Paperboy, with Nicole playing the role of Charlotte Bless. The film is due to make its debut at this year’s Cannes Film Festival in May.

The movie soon sees Zac’s and Nicole’s characters getting closer and Zac clearly had a great time shooting the sex scenes with Nicole. He said: “Nicole is so gorgeous. It was everything you dreamed of. She was such a lovely person. I pinched myself everyday, especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman.”

He added: “It was the highlight of my life. Nicole was something else and was always in character. She didn’t get weird method, like some actors do, but I have never seen anyone so centred.”

Sounds like someone has got a big crush we think!

The Paperboy has been described as an explosive sexual thriller and from the main actor’s comments it seems like it is likely to live up to its hot billing.

Nicole won the Best Actress Oscar in 2002 for her role as Virginia Woolf in the Stephen Daldry directed movie The Hours. She has also won numerous other acting awards for such films as Cold Mountain, Dogville and Moulin Rouge. She is known as being a strong woman although she normally keeps her opinions very much to herself. One of her very few comments after separating from first husband Tom Cruise was that at least she was now able to wear high heels!

She is now married to country singer Keith Urban and the couple have 2 daughters together.

The Paperboy also stars John Cusack, Matthew McConaughey and Scott Glenn and is based on the novel by Pete Dexter. Although we know the film is to premiere at this summer’s Cannes Film Festival there is no date conformed yet for the UK release.

World Book Night  – the celebration of reading is taking part tonight here in the UK as well as in Germany and the US.

Here in the UK 20k people are to give 24 copies of one of their favourite books to encourage others to read more. As well as these gifts the World Books Night organisation is giving another 620k books to prisons, hospitals and homeless centres over the year. In all 1m books are set to be given out in the UK under this initiative.

The idea of World Book Night is to get enthusiastic regular readers to help others in their community who are not keen readers to pick up a book and get reading.

There are 25 different novels which have been chosen for this year’s event and these cover most literary genres and also include some works from further back in history. They include Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities, Kazuo Ishiguro’s The Remains of the Day, Emma Donoghue’s Room and Sophie Kinsella’s The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic so there should be something in the list for everyone.

Tonight marks the second time the UK has got involved with World Book Night and a number of high-profile people have helped spread the word about the event including Stephen Fry and the author Iain Banks.

In case you are wondering why the organisers have picked 23 April it is because it marks both the birthday and death day of Shakespeare as well as the death day of Spanish novelist Cervantes.


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