Emma Watson In Bling Ring, Britney Spears To Judge X Factor

13 Apr

Emma Watson – the actress is moving even further away from Hogwarts with her latest movie Bling Ring.

Emma has been wearing the sort of clothes that would get her thrown out of her old wizarding school as she films scenes for her new movie in LA.

She was spotted wearing just a bra, leather jacket, some tiny denim shorts and some heels. Bling Ring, which also stars Kirsten Dunst, is based on the real life story of a group of US teens who used the web to track the whereabouts of celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan so they could rob their homes. The movie is written and directed by Sofia Coppola who was the 3rd woman in history to be nominated for a Best Director Oscar.

She certainly appears to be enjoying the change in role and having spent so many years playing the “good girl” is now revelling in playing the “bad girl.”

Earlier on in filming Emma had to visit Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, California for some scenes. This is where Lindsay Lohan was sent in November last year after being found guilty of violating the terms of her probation and sentenced to 30 days in jail.

We hope that the cast and crew get weekends off as Emma will celebrate her 22nd birthday this Sunday (15 April) and we are sure that she will want to do something to celebrate. She can certainly afford to open a bottle of champagne or two. A list of the top 10 richest actors in the UK puts Emma in 5th place with a worth of £26m. Incidentally easily topping the list was her old co-star Daniel Radcliffe who is worth £54m, he should get Emma a nice present then.

Britney Spears – it looks almost certain that the singer will be confirmed as the latest judge in the US X Factor.

Simon Cowell has said that he would 100% sign her up to the show and we feel that after losing out with BGT in the UK to The Voice he wants to still be seen as the man in control.

He would not conform that Britney had been approached about the job but as he said that she would be his top choice for the programme we think that it is almost unthinkable that “his people” haven’t talked to “her people.” Apparently talk is that Britney might be in line to pick up a cool $15m a year if she has been signed.

If the figure of $15m a year is correct then this would easily make her the highest paid judge in reality tv. Currently the top paid judge is American Idol’s Jennifer Lopez who earns $12m.

After her very public breakdown in 2008 Britney now has her personal affairs overseen by a team of people which includes her father Jamie Spears and a judge. Britney’s fiance Jason Trawick has recently applied to become part of this team with the blessing of her father.

Talking about her possible inclusion in US X Factor Simon Cowell said: “I’m fascinated by [Britney]. The fact that she’s one of the most talked about – not just pop stars – but people in the world today, means that you’ve got this star power.

“This girl has got resilience. I would think that if she’s managed to sustain a family, a career, which is tough, [X Factor would be] a walk in the park.”

Simon is keen to get the top rating show in the US as he predicted he would get audience figures of around 20m for US X Factor prior to its launch but is only getting around 12m on average. He is sure to not let a little thing like $15m stop him from topping the US ratings.


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