Kenny Everett In The Best Possible Taste, 2012 Olympics TV Coverage

03 Apr

Kenny Everett – the comic, who died in 1995 at the age of 50, is to have a new BBC4 biopic made of his life and it will focus on his unconventional relationship with his ex-wife, the singer Lee Middleton.

Everett, who was born Maurice Cole in Lancashire on Christmas Day 1944, first started out on radio but is probably best known for his wacky tv shows which appeared between 1978 and 1988. He first appeared on ITV with The Kenny Everett Video Show but ended up on BBC with The Kenny Everett Television Show.

He had a number of regulars on the shows with such characters as Sid Snot, Captain Kremmen, Marcel Wave and the character feared by many continuity announcers, Cupid Stunt. It is this last character that provides the new biopic with its title “The Best Possible Taste” which comes from Cupid’s catchphrase “all done in the best possible taste.”  This was delivered by Kenny dressed up as a low-budget US actress with huge false breasts crossing his legs while wearing a short dress. All this with Kenny’s beard in full view!

As well as Cupid Kenny had a real life big breasted character on his shows with the Brazilian-born star Cleo Rocos spending much of her time in lingerie and high heels. For a man who was gay Kenny certainly seemed to enjoy the company of barely clothed, attractive, busty women. The photo here is a screen grab from the BBC’s Kenny Everett Television Show showing Everett having a good look at Rocos, well parts of her anyway.

The new BBC4 biopic stars newcomer Oliver Lansley as Everett and Coronation Street actress Katherine Kelly as his wife Lee. Everett and his wife were married in 1966 and separated in 1979. The new biopic will have plenty of entertaining stories from Everett’s life to draw upon including the unlikely sight of him running on to the stage at the Conservative Party conference waving around a huge pair of foam hands used by his on-screen character Brother Lee Love. The Conservatives probably realised that it was not a good choice to pick Everett when he shouted out on stage “Let’s bomb Russia.”

The “Best Possible Taste” is currently being filmed in London and the script has been written by Tim Whitnall. There is no date yet for screening but it is expected some time later this year.

All 2012 Olympics events to be shown on television – the BBC has announced that it will give access to every event from every venue at this year’s London Olympics.

Although they will offer loads of coverage themselves on BBC1 and BBC3 the Beeb will also offer its 24 standard and HD quality live streams available to all UK homes with Sky subscriptions. This means that around 10m people will have access to 2.5k hours of live Olympics sport over the duration of the event.

Interestingly the deal was announced on the same day as James Murdoch resigned as BSkyB chairman. Murdoch has been a long-standing critic of the BBC’s expansion plans and the Olympics deal is seen as a step forward in relations between BSkyB and the BBC.

The BBC have said that this year’s 2012 Olympics tv coverage will offer 4 times more channels than were available during the last Olympics in Beijing in 2008.

It looks like everyone is going to try to impress us during the Olympics as Google have just announced that they will offer free real-time traffic data and live updates on Tube services via their Google Maps app;  the traffic information has been chargeable by many sat-nav services prior to this.

Incidentally the extra 24 digital channels will be made available to all Sky subscribers free of charge. They will also be made available through free-to-air platform Freesat and to Virgin Media customers who have a TiVo set-top box.

We forecast that heavy-duty sports fans may not get much sleep this summer and we also expect office sickness rates to creep up!

The 2012 Olympics are on from 27 July to 12 August.

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