Victoria Beckham, Beach Volleyball Bikinis

29 Mar

Victoria Beckham – the singer turned fashion designer has landed the cover of the Jubilee edition of top fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.

She is shown wearing retro style swimsuits and bikinis in a photo-shoot harking back to the 1950’s. Victoria has appeared on the cover of Harper’s before, back in December 2009.  On the cover this time she is shown on a bed of flowers wearing a Prada bodysuit. The photos have been taken in LA by one of the currents stars of fashion photography, Swedish born Camilla Akrans.

Victoria’s photo session is based on a set of photos of Elizabeth Taylor on the beach in 1948. Like Liz Taylor’s photo set some of the new shots of Victoria were taken in black & white to create a similar mood.

Many women will be a little surprised at some of Victoria’s comments in the accompanying article where she says that when she sees a 6ft gorgeous model about to pose in her designs she feels that she should stand in for her because, to quote her :” I stand for the general public here.” This will be news to the average woman in the UK who is a size 16 compared to Victoria’s size 6. She has managed to lose weight since marrying and having a family as she was between a size 10 to size 12 when she was in the Spice Girls.

She also talks about her incredibly successful fashion design business and her reaction to winning this year’s Designer Brand of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. When she found out on the night of the awards that she had won Victoria described it as like having an out-of-body experience. “I came offstage and said, “I cried three times, I didn’t thank the people I wanted to thank, I was really rubbish”. But I think people saw the real me…and the truth is, I would have felt much more comfortable in my pyjamas with the kids and David in a hotel watching it on TV.”

As already noted in the last few days David and Victoria are looking to make a full-time move to LA and have just put up “Beckingham Palace“, their main UK base for sale. If you want to see all the photos of Victoria in her Prada swimwear then the May Jubilee issue of Harper’s is on sale here from 02 April.

Beach volleyball bikinis – it seems that the ever popular beach volleyball event may have a little less going for it at this year’s London Olympics.

The International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) have decided that competitors in the sport should have more dress options and may now wear shorts and tops with sleeves rather than the traditional players outfit of bikinis.

The FIVB have denied that the new dress code has been brought in to help shed the “sexy” image of the sport. They say that the reason the new dress code is being introduced is to make the sport more acceptable to countries with different cultural and religious beliefs.

The 2012 Olympics beach volleyball event is to be held in a specially created stadium at Horse Guards Parade, near to both Buckingham Palace and Downing Street. The beach volleyball looked like being a popular spectator event this summer with the Government already having spent £26k on 410 tickets for the event, rather embarrassingly more money than they spent on tickets for all of the athletics events combined. You do wonder if they would have spent quite so much on beach volleyball tickets if they knew the dress code was going to change?

Beach volleyball started as a variation on indoor volleyball and is played by teams of 2 on a sand court of 16m x 8m divided by a net that is 2.24m high. The match is won by the first team to win 2 clear sets and is composed of a maximum 3 sets, the first 2 sets needing 21 points to win and if the match goes to a deciding 3rd set this is won by the first side to reach 15 points. For both the 21 point and 15 point sets the winning side needs to have at least a 2 point advantage to take the set.

Britain’s Number 1 pair for this year’s Olympics are Shauna Mullin and Zara Dampney. Mullin thinks that the news of the new dress code is a positive move saying: “‘I think having a choice in what we wear is only a good thing and what we want this summer is to be able to show British people what beach volleyball is really all about.”

Mullin and Dampney and all the other beach volleyball players will be in action in the 2012 Olympics between 28 July and 12 August at Horse Guards Parade, London.

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