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26 Mar

Jennifer Lawrence – the star of latest smash movie The Hunger Games has revealed that fans of Suzanne Collins’ original books thought that she was “too fat, too pretty and too blonde” to play the role of Katniss Everdeen.

As well as revealing the fans’ initial reaction to her being given the role, Jennifer Lawrence has been telling The Sun that she went through many months of hard training to prepare for the role of Katniss Everdeen. She said: “It was intense. I had training about three times a day for a few months. Then, once we started working, I had to have the training just for endurance because it was so many hours. I mean, if there’s a scene of me running up a mountain, that’s what we shot all day, me running up a mountain.

“I had about six weeks of archery. It was brand new to me and I loved it. I think I’m good at shooting arrows now, and I can skin a squirrel!”

The movie has just had a phenomenal opening weekend in North America taking £98m, which makes it the 3rd highest grossing total for an opening weekend ever, after 2011’s Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and 2008’s The Dark Knight. Once you add in the money earned elsewhere in the world this weekend then the total in dollars rises from $155m to $214.3m. The other interesting fact to note from the figures is that The Hunger Games is the first movie in a franchise and the 2 movies beating it are both from well established movie franchises so the figures are likely to be even better for the follow-up movies.

The movie is almost always talked about as being in the same rough genre and market as the Twilight series and executives will note that initial audience data from The Hunger Games audiences shows that there are more males and more adults in the audience than were found at Twilight screenings. Also surveys conducted by CinemaScore saw weekend cinemagoers give the new movie an average A grade rating.

The weekend’s figures will no doubt have the movie executives popping champagne corks as the total cost of making The Hunger Games is estimated at around $80m after taking into account tax breaks.

Robbie Williams – the singer appears to be looking to buy the house where Michael Jackson died.

The singer was seen looking round the property at 100 N Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills area last Thursday. He already owns a home in California so he may either be looking to move or want the new property for investment. Or of course he might just be curious to have a look around the home as he has previously admitted to being a big MJ fan.

Jackson originally just rented the property but it is now up for sale with a tag of $23.9m having been placed on the market first time round at a price of $28.995m. This is an even bigger reduction from the 2008 asking price of $38m.

If Robbie does move into the property he will be the first resident since Jacko’s death in June 2009. The price is probably not Robbie’s major concern as he has an estimated wealth of almost $150m so we are sure he will still have enough left over to be able to furnish the 7 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

The house’s other main features include a movie theatre, a spa and gym, a wine cellar and tasting room and a magnificent swimming pool. The attached photo shows a view of the main property from the swimming pool at 100 N Carolwood Drive.

The agency selling the property are keen to stop any time wasters viewing the property so it is a condition of viewing that any prospective purchasers have to prove to them that they have the money available to buy the property. It doesn’t look like that was too much of a struggle for Robbie to prove.

Robbie’s 9th studio album, his 1st for new label Universal Music, is due to be released sometime in the autumn this year.


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