Katherine Jenkins, Freddie Flintoff

19 Mar

Katherine Jenkins  – the Welsh songstress looks to be in good shape as she posts photos off her preparation for Dancing With The Stars (the US version of Strictly Come Dancing).

She has temporarily relocated to LA to help her concentrate on her dancing for the series. As well as looking forward to all her dance training she is also looking forward to eating in all the sushi restaurants in LA. She follows a pescatarian diet, which is the same as a vegetarian diet with the addition of seafood also being allowed.

Katherine is paired up with professional dancer Mark Ballas and will be pleased to have something new to concentrate on after her split with fiance Gethin Jones in December last year.

With regard to the type of music she will be dancing to on the show Katherine says that although she sings from the classical repertoire her own musical tastes are much broader. She said: ”Because I sing classical and opera, people assume that’s all I listen to. But I’m like any other girl of my age. I like to go out and dance with my friends and listen to pop music. I love everything from hip-hop and rap to jazz, blues, R&B, anything. I love Nicki Minaj, love Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga.”

31-year old Katherine posted the photos of herself wearing a low-cut black and silver dress that not only shows off an impressive top half but also a great pair of legs.

Other contestants in this year’s series of Dancing With The Stars include: Gladys Knight, Martina Navratilova and William Levy.

Katherine is not that well-known in the US at present but if she continues wearing outfits like this we are sure it won’t be too long before she builds a new fan-base over there.

Freddie Flintoff – the English cricket legend has today been raising money for charity by claiming 12 separate world records in 1 day.

Although he failed in some of his attempts, including trying to wrap up Holly Willoughby in newspaper in 3m 7s, he did end up claiming the 12 different records inside the time limit. Our thoughts were that if he had to unwrap Holly Willoughby inside 3m 7s it would have been more of an incentive!

As well as his Holly near-miss he also failed in some other attempts including an attempt on the reverse bungee jump record. He did however have successes in:

  • Most Likes on a Facebook account in an hour
  • Drinking a cup of hot chocolate in 5.45s
  • Fastest 100m time in a zorb (26.59s)
  • Most cricket deliveries faced in 1m (19 balls)
  • Most hot dogs made in 1m (9 hot dogs)

He also made a  good-humoured attempt on a pedalo record (remember his drunken escapade whilst on England duty?) where he travelled 100m in under 2m.

Sports Relief and Guinness officials confirmed that Freddie had taken the world record for most world records with his darts board bullseye achieved from a distance of 18ft (5.5m).

34-year old Freddie has been keeping himself busy all day with his record challenges in a bid to raise loads of money for the Sports Relief charity. although his record attempt has been successful it is not known yet how much money that Freddie has raised.

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