The Hunger Games, Pixar’s Brave

13 Mar

The Hunger Games – the movie has been forced to lose 7 seconds of time in order to secure the necessary 12A film certificate the distributors were looking for with their UK release.

Lionsgate, the film’s distributor, chose to cut the parts of the movie that were causing problems with certification although they had been offered a 15 certificate if they wished to keep the movie intact. The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) said: “A number of cuts were made in one scene to reduce an emphasis on blood and injury.”

“These cuts, which were implemented by digitally removing sight of blood splashes and sight of blood on wounds and weapons, were made in accordance with BBFC Guidelines and policy. An uncut ’15’ classification was available.”

The 12A certificate is thought to be vital to the success of the movie as the distributors look to capture the lucrative teen market with this adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ novel. Lionsgate will be hoping that the shedding of the footage to get the 12A certificate will have the same result as it did for Hammer’s “Woman in Black” which went through a similar editing process with the BBFC to get its 12A certificate. The movie has of course gone on to be a huge box-office success in the UK.

The movie stars Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role of Katniss Everdeen with a strong supporting cast including Liam Hemsworth, Josh Hutcherson, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Stanley Tucci, Wes Bentley, Lenny Kravitz and Donald Sutherland.

As already noted, the movie, which is set in a post-apocalyptic America, is set for a UK release on 23 March.

Pixar’s new movie “Brave” – the movie will receive its European premiere when it close the Edinburgh International Film Festival this summer.
The news does not come as a complete shock to movie watchers as Pixar’s previous 2010 release “Toy Story 3” was chosen to close that year’s festival.
The animated movie features the voices of Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Julie Walters, Kelly Macdonald and Harry Potter star Robbie Coltrane. It tells the story of Merida, a skilled archer and the daughter of King Fergus, who unleashes chaos in the kingdom when she defies an age-old custom and gets a curse placed on her kingdom. She then has to complete various challenges to lift the curse.
The film was written by Brenda Chapman and directed by Mark Andrews, who’s worked as an animator and storyboard artist at Pixar since 1994. The movie is said to mark a change in style for Pixar as it is a much darker tale than their previous releases.
The film premiere announcement comes shortly after VisitScotland revealed it has joined forces with Disney Pixar in a campaign designed to promote Scottish tourism across the world and boost the Scottish economy.
The Edinburgh International Film Festival will no doubt be delighted to have secured such a high-profile premiere as the event has been in something of a decline in recent years. It did used to be held later in the year when it followed the main Edinburgh Festival but this year’s festival will be held from 20 June to 1 July.
Brave is due for its general UK release on 17 August. For trivia buffs it was originally to be called “The Bear and the Bow.”

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