Ibiza Rocks, Majorca Rocks, Taylor Swift

12 Mar

Ibiza Rocks and Majorca Rocks 2012 – the line-ups have just been announced for this year’s 16 week Summer season of gigs.

New Order are set to return to Ibiza, more than 20 years since they were last there to record the album Technique. The band should fit in well with the club culture on the island as the 12 inch version of their single Blue Monday is still the biggest selling 12 inch single of all-time.

New Order’s Bernard Sumner said:”The last time New Order were in Ibiza was the second summer of love. We were there to record an album and didn’t really know what we were walking into. New Order and Ibiza are forever entwined. There’s no going back so instead we look forward – to playing our first-ever concert on the island at Ibiza Rocks.”

New Order were a huge force behind the electronic music movement of the 1980’s and were formed from what was left of Joy Division after singer Ian Curtis committed suicide in May 1980.

New Order will be joined during the Ibiza Rocks Festival by a number of other acts including Kasabian, Kaiser Chiefs, Professor Green, Bloc Party, Ed Sheeran and Tinie Tempah.

Although the Ibiza Rocks Festival goes on for 16 weeks the main event each week is held on a Wednesday. All gigs run from the pool area at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. This year as well as the Wednesday event there is set to be superstar dj’s live from the main stage area every weekend from June to September.

The Majorca Rocks Festival also runs from June to September and will feature this at the opening party on 05 June this year Ed Sheeran. Later acts will include Mark Ronson, Kasabian, Tinie Tempah, New Order and Two Door Cinema Club.

Taylor Swift – it will probably be a surprise to many people in the UK that the 22-year old country singer has topped this year’s Billboard list of the Top Earning Musicians.

You might have thought that this particular list would be topped by either Adele or Lady Gaga, both of whom had an incredibly successful 2011. In fact Taylor Swift earned as much money as both of those 2 ladies combined last year. She had total earnings of just short of $36m which resulted from sales of her quadruple-platinum winning album “Speak Now” and also had a massive tour during the year which pulled in gross receipts of over $88m just from US ticket sales.

Helping Taylor to pull in such a huge income was the fact that she also earns royalties on all of her songs as the writer.

Coming in second place was Irish rock band U2 who earned most of their income last year from their massive 360 tour. Coming behind U2 was another country music act, Kenny Chesney, another act that is probably not that well-known here in the UK.

We don;t think that many of you would have guessed that the top earning British female act in 2011 was the classy jazz-soul singer Sade. She came in at 6th place on the list earning over $3m more than Adele who came in at 10th place on the list.

It does show that some of the acts that you hear the most about are not necessarily the ones who will have the most in the bank as Rihanna only made 22nd place with $7.6m and Justin Bieber came in at 35th place with $5.5m. The Beatles still managed to come in at 24th place thanks to sales of their back catalogue of classic albums bringing in $6.7m.

The list does show how much difference a successful tour can make to a star’s income compared to even an album with really big sales. The Top 10 Billboard Money Makers for 2012 are:

  1. Taylor Swift $35.7m
  2. U2 $32.1m
  3. Kenny Chesney $29.8m
  4. Lady Gaga $25.4m
  5. Lil Wayne $23.2m
  6. Sade $16.4m
  7. Bon Jovi $15.8m
  8. Celine Dion $14.3m
  9. Jason Adlean $13.4m
  10. Adele $13.1m

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