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11 Mar

Tulisa – the X Factor judge seems to have got more than a little close to former TOWIE Mark Wright while she was on her long holiday break in the US.

It has been reported that 23-year old Tulisa and 25-year old Mark ended up sharing a bed in a Miami hotel after a wild night out.

It seems like Mark has had his eye on the singer for some time and a source close to Wright said to The Mirror about the pair: “He’s head over heels for ­Tulisa and can’t stop ­talking about the time they spent together in ­Miami. He’s very much hoping things progress into a relationship. But Tulisa’s mortified by the whole thing and is furious that Mark’s been opening his gob to everyone and anyone about their snog.

“She didn’t think it was anything but a laugh after a few drinks. Mark on the other hand definitely wants more than just friendship and thinks they could be a great ‘power couple’ in showbiz. It’s all a bit ­embarrassing for him.”

It might be a new showbiz romance is on the cards but we should also keep in mind that both Tulisa and Mark Wright share the same manager, Jonathan Shalit so things may not be as simple to decide as all that!

Whatever happened or may be happening between the pair they are both free agents at the moment as Mark finished with ex-fiancee Lauren Goodger last August and apart from a brief fling with Sam Faiers has been single since. Tulisa also split with long-term boyfriend and bandmate Fazer in January.

By the way the photo shows how good Tulisa was looking while on her US holiday last month.

Raspberry Pi cheap computer – anyone hoping to get their hands on one of the new Raspberry Pi computers may face a longer wait.

It has been revealed that during the manufacture of the computers the Chinese factory had mistakenly soldered on the wrong sort of network port. The bare-bones computer is sure to be a big hit and is intended to make it easy for anyone to be able to learn computer programming and provide a technology push in UK schools.

The Raspberry Pi is available for just £22 and is due to be joined by an even cheaper model retailing at £16 later in the year.

For your £22 you do not get a keyboard or screen but you do get 2 USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI socket, 3.5m audio out jack, 256mb RAM and an SD card slot. The Raspberry Pi went on sale here at the end of February and with the computer attracting over 2m enquiries it was no surprise that initial stocks sold out straight away.

It looks a great deal if you want to try programming and coding and the Raspberry Pi uses a Linux based operating system. The Raspberry Pi uses Python as its main programming language.

If you are worried it may look a little underpowered compared to bigger desktops and laptops the Pi is capable of showing HD video and the company say that the onboard graphics are roughly equivalent to an X Box 1’s level of performance.

The Pi can be powered by 4 AA batteries as well as by the more usual 5v micro USB external power supply.

We are sure you know the answer to this but in case you were wondering why this UK-based initiative is manufactured in China the Raspberry Pi Foundation, the charity behind the computer, originally wanted to manufacture the Pi in the UK but was forced to go to Chinese manufacturers because somewhat bizarrely imported components are taxed whereas imported computers are not.


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