Marni at H&M, Michael Madsen

10 Mar

Marni at H&M – the clothing retailers have come under fire today for using a model so thin she has been described as “corpse-like.”

Marni, the stylish Italian label, has created a new cut-price collection for H&M and it proved to be in such demand that people were queuing outside their stores from 3.30 a.m. to make sure they were first in line for the new range. There certainly seemed to be some good hype going on with reports that the New York range sold out within half an hour ensuring that there would be crowds when the UK range was available.

Apart from the usual circus surrounding the launch of a new collection this particular range stirred up the most comments for its use of 26-year old model Aymeline Valade. She certainly looks like she could do with a good meal and her make-up seems to just accentuate the look with an almost grey/white complexion and bags under her eyes.

Just looking at images of Valade it is hard to think that anyone would think she looked particularly healthy but H&M apparently do not believe there is a problem and released the following statement: “We appreciate feedback from our customers on how we conduct our business. We think it is regrettable that some of our customers interpret our Marni at H&M PR images as unethical, and feel that the model is underweight. ”

‘H&M has an advertising policy in which we strongly distance ourselves from alcohol and drug abuse, and we do not work with models who are significantly underweight. ‘The models are always chosen in consultation with representatives from H&M and established modelling agencies who are made aware of, and agree to, H&M’s advertising policy. For this particular Marni at H&M look book shoot we felt that Aymeline Valade would portray the collection in an inspiring way.We are aware that many of the models used in images today are petite or thin, and that this is something that is occurring in the industry we operate in. We are committed to not using models who could be considered significantly underweight, and we are looking into how we can take additional steps within our industry. Again, we regret that the images have been perceived as unethical which has not been our intention, and we will take these comments into consideration for future press and marketing images.’

It would be interesting to see what model they would think of as being underweight if Valade does not qualify having looked at the images of her in the new Marni collection. As they say though there seems to be no such thing as bad publicity and the range appears to be flying off the shelves in all their stores.

Michael Madsen arrested – the recent Celebrity Big Brother housemate was in rather different surroundings yesterday after he was arrested and taken to a police station in Malibu, California.

According to his lawyer Perry Wander the actor found his son smoking pot and then tried to take it away from him. It is not clear who called the police but it seems that Madsen was charged with possible child cruelty after the incident as his son is under the age of 18. There are also claims that the actor was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the disturbance.

He is currently being held on bail of $100k. Madsen’s home in Malibu has probably seen its fair share of fun as it was originally built for The Who’s hell-raising drummer Keith Moon.

Madsen ended up finishing 4th in the recent Celebrity Big Brother series which was won by Loose Women’s Denise Welch, who has since revealed the break-up of her marriage to actor Tim Healy. The former housemates certainly seem to want to keep in the spotlight as just last night Natasha Giggs and Frankie Cocozza were seen all over each other at the J2 club in Bolton.

Although he has appeared in a number of movies including Kill Bill nothing has yet got near to Madsen’s appearance as Mr Blonde in Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs where he was seen taking off a policeman’s ear to the tune of “Stuck In The Middle With You.” Things may have turned out differently if Tarantino had got his way as he originally wanted Madsen for the part of Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction. That part ended up going to John Travolta and it made his career take off again. Madsen instead of the Vega role took the part of Virgil in the not very successful and not very well thought of “Wyatt Earp.”

Not a good week for Madsen as he also seems to have been arrested in LA County earlier in the week on a misdemeanour charge and had to post $5k bail on that occasion.

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