The Hunger Games, Holly Willoughby – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 10 February 2012

10 Feb

The Hunger Games – it seems that this new movie is set to pick up a lot of fans of the Twilight franchise.

The people behind The Hunger Games are so confident of its success that there are already going to be at least 2 sequels to the first movie. The new movie has quite a few things in common with the Twilight series as both are based on very big selling books that have been originally successful in the American young adult market. There are also both written by female authors.

The new movie has been adapted by Suzanne Collins from her own novel. The novel is the first in a trilogy with  the action taking place in Panem a post apocalyptic world in the place where the US used to exist. The main character is 16-year old Katniss Everdeen, played in the movie by Jennifer Lawrence, who takes the place of her sister Prim (played by Willow Shields) in The Hunger Games, an annual competition in which the competitors have to kill all their rivals off until they remain. The winner receives enough riches and gifts to never have to worry about anything ever again.

Although the new movie is after the same audience as Twilight it appears that the producers of The Hunger Games are clear to make a distinction between the two series and have vowed not to take any of the Twilight actors into the new Hunger Games series. This has been a blow for Kellan Lutz, who plays vampire Emmett Cullen in Twilight, who wanted to take the part of Gale Hawthorne in the new movie. Instead of Lutz the producers cast Liam Hemsworth, an Australian actor, in the role.

As well as the expected cast of the young and the beautiful the new film has some serious Hollywood names as well, with Stanley Tucci, Woody Harrelson and Donald Sutherland joining the cast. The Hunger Games  opens on 23 March and we are sure that it will end up being one of this year’s big box-office winners.

Holly Willoughby – it seems like Holly may soon be presenting a revamped version of Cilla Black’s old show, Surprise Surprise.

The show was last seen on our screens in 2001 and had been presented throughout its successful 7 year run by Cilla, also the host of the popular Blind Date. It seems that most of the features of the old show will be kept with the producers adding a few new things to give it a more modern twist. The old Surprise Surprise was probably best known for those tear jerking sections that brought together long-lost relatives.

Holly is currently to be seen on This Morning with co-host Phillip Schofield and was until recently also the co-host of Dancing On Ice. It was on Dancing On Ice that she earned the nickname Holly Willoughbooby due to her eye-catching low tops which showed the viewers plenty of her ample cleavage. She has now been replaced on Dancing With Ice by Christine Bleakley as she wanted to clear room to take par in the BBC’s new talent show The Voice. She may of course also had an eye on hosting Surprise Surprise when she left DOI.

The new series of Surprise Surprise is expected to air this autumn on ITV1.

One other change from the old series is likely to be that of the host singing the theme tune as despite Holly’s many talents we are not aware that she has added singing to her list of accomplishments.


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