Lindsay Lohan’s Nude Playboy Photos, John Lennon’s Death – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 08 December 2011

08 Dec

Lindsay Lohan Playboy – we were told that it would not be on view until next week but a copy of Li Lo’s Playboy cover has turned up on the Internet.

Lindsay stripped off for the Hugh Hefner magazine reportedly earning $1m in the process. She is due to publicise the mag in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres which is being shown on tv in the US on 15 December. The full issue of the magazine is due to go on sale later this month.

She originally was photographed for Playboy in October but apparently Hugh Hefner was not happy with the shots and she had to go for a fresh session to get the final photos. She can be seen in the photo straddling a Playboy bunny style chair in a pose that many people may find reminiscent of Christine Keeler’s famous 1963 photo taken by Lewis Morley at the height of the Profumo Affair scandal.

Lindsay has not been seen acting much of late but has been more often spotted in court following her plead of no contest in May on the charge of stealing a $2,500 necklace from a Los Angeles boutique. Lindsay was sentenced to 30 days in county jail for not keeping up with the court-ordered community service requirements, but she ended up only spending four-and-a-half hours in a cell due to jail overcrowding.

No doubt Lindsay and her PR team are hoping that the Playboy photo spread will bring some offers of work in for her. Her publicist Steve Honig said: “The pictorial is absolutely fantastic and very tasteful, and will be accompanied by an interview that will let readers see another side of Lindsay,”

As well as all the fuss surrounding the photo shoot Lindsay has also had to deal with her father Michael having a heart operation this week. It is thought that he underwent surgery to remove a blockage from one of his arteries. Like his daughter he has also had some troubles with the law and after his stint in hospital he will return to his court-ordered treatment facility, where he is taking part in a domestic violence intervention program.

John Lennon – today marks the 31st anniversary of the former Beatle’s death.

He was shot by Mark Chapman outside his apartment at the Dakota Building near Central Park in New York. Despite the tragedy John’s wife Yoko says that she cannot bear to leave her home at The Dakota and still lives there to this day.

His death came just three weeks after the release of his album Double Fantasy, which marked the first album for John since the birth of his son Sean in 1975. Together with Paul McCartney he was part of what was arguably the biggest and most successful pop writing partnership of all time. Many fans still blame John’s marriage to Yoko for breaking up the Beatles although it seems to many observers that the group had been moving apart from each other for some time. During their time together Lennon and McCartney produced many songs such as Michele and Yesterday which have gone on to become classics.

After leaving the Beatles John Lennon went on to write many songs but the one which he will always be most identified with is Imagine. The song was released on an album of the same name in 1971 and was named by Rolling Stone Magazine as Number 3 in the 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time in 2004.

John Lennon was just 40-years old when he was assassinated and as well as his songwriting and performing he also wrote poetry, produced works of art and was a major mover in the Peace Movement. It was his links to the anti-war movement that got him the attention of the FBI and the US security agency did admit to having a 281 page file on Lennon.

Our suggestion to mark his passing would be to find yourself a comfy chair, put on your favourite Beatles album and drink a toast to the genius that was John Lennon.


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