Carey Mulligan, Dyspraxia – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 05 November 2011

05 Nov

Carey Mulligan – the actress appeared on the Graham Norton Show last night talking about her kissing scenes with Johnny Depp.

Carey first rose to fame with her Oscar nominated performance as Jenny in the movie An Education.

She revealed her kissing scenes with Johnny Depp in the movie Public Enemies had to be cut from the film because she looked too nervous. Producers thought the actress appeared “uncomfortable” during the romantic scenes with heartthrob Depp, so decided to axe the scenes.

Carey said, “I had to kiss him several times. It was 16 times, but it was cut out of the film because I looked so uncomfortable.I was kissing Johnny Depp and I got really nervous”. Her admission  was made more embarrassing by the fact Depp was also appearing on the show. Mulligan said she had always been a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean star, saying, “I grew up watching everything he’s ever done and it’s difficult as I have to hide my inner fan when I am around him – it’s terrible”.

Her next movie role is in Steve McQueen’s flick ‘Shame’, which she described as “a little bit racy”, adding, “Dad hasn’t seen it. He’s not allowed”.

Dyspraxia – it is Dyspraxia Awareness Week next week.

Dyspraxia is also known as developmental co-ordination disorder and is a disability that affects movement and co-ordination. It is thought to be caused by a disruption in the way messages from the brain are transmitted to the body.

It can affect any or all areas of development, intellectual, emotional, physical, language, social and sensory, and may impair a person’s normal process of learning. The condition means physical activities are hard to learn, difficult to retain, and makes people with dyspraxia seem hesitant and awkward.

Studies have suggested that around 1 in 50 children are affected while many people think that the true figure could be as high as 1 in 12. Dyspraxia is more common in boys and sometimes runs in families.

If you are concerned your child or someone you know may have Dyspraxia check out the NHS Choices site for information on the diagnosis of Dyspraxia or, as always with any medical matter causing concern, check with your GP.

For more information on Dyspraxia see the Dyspraxia Foundation site.

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