Amy Childs Lingerie, Clocks Go Back – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 29 October 2011

29 Oct

Amy Childs – the TOWIE star has been announced as the new face and body of lingerie brand Ultimo.

Amy, 21, will front the firm’s new line of underwear for supermarket Tesco. She said: “There’s a style to suit whatever mood you’re in and it’s affordable so you can have a different one for every day of the week.”

Michelle Mone, founder of Ultimo, said: “I’m so excited to be bringing the new Bra Queen brand to Tesco – a great value range in the fashion fast lane without compromising on design and quality. “The brand is about creating everyday lingerie fit for a queen, designed for a queen but without a royal price tag.”

Ultimo have also used Kelly Brook and Mel B to advertise their range so she is following in some impressive footprints or should that be bra-cups?

Clocks go back – British Summer Time officially ends at 2am tomorrow morning.

It might however be the last time we put the clocks back in the UK. There is a new Daylight Saving Bill which if approved could bring the UK into line with Central European Time (CET) for a trial period of three years.

The bill, is sponsored  by Rebecca Harris, Conservative MP for Castle Point in Essex, and calls for a review of the potential costs and benefits of a move to CET and would need further legislation before any trial was launched.

The main argument in favour of the change is lighter evenings would potentially reduce the number of deaths on the road. A three-year experiment to keep BST all year took place between 1968 and 1971. The Department for Transport’s initial analysis of road casualty data estimated a net reduction of 2,700 people killed or seriously injured during the first two years of the experiment.

The main argument in favour of keeping things as they are is how any change might keep areas of Scotland in the dark until around 10 am.

The clocks changing first began in 1907 when an Englishman, William Willett, campaigned to advance clocks by 80 minutes. He proposed four moves of 20 minutes at the beginning of the spring and summer months, and to return to Greenwich Mean Time in a similar manner in the autumn. The following year, the House of Commons rejected a Bill to advance the clocks by one hour during the spring and summer months. Summer time was first defined in an Act of Parliament in 1916. The clocks were moved one hour ahead of GMT from the spring to the autumn. During the Second World War, double summer time (two hours in advance of GMT) was introduced, lasting until July 1945.

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