Kelly Brook, Lindsay Lohan, Adele, Al Pacino – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 04 September 2011

04 Sep

Al Pacino – the latest tribute by Pacino to Oscar Wilde is premiering at the Venice Film Festival today. Pacino has directed “Wilde Salome”, a tribute to Wilde’s banned work. It is Al’s 3rd directorial outing and he has described the film as his most personal project ever.

As well as directing the film Al also appears in the role of Herod. The work is concerned with the relationship between Herod and his stepdaughter Salome.

Have a look at the teaser trailer that has been released ahead of the official preview of the film,

Kelly Brook – Kelly has been taking part in today’s London Sky Ride and was talking about her love of Celebrity Big Brother and how she thinks that “love them or hate them” duo Jedward will win the latest series. She is obviously a fan of the twins as she said “I just think they’ve been so entertaining and they’re fun and there’s no-one like them, I’m a fan.”

Kelly appeared on ITV 1’s Daybreak last week and revealed that she would love to do some more breakfast television. Kelly did of course present C4’s Big Breakfast with Johnny Vaughan from January to July 1999. She took over the job from Denise Van Outen.

Although it would be good to see Kelly back on our screens in the morning she might have forgotten how hard it is to keep getting up at 4am every day to go to work!

Adele – the award-winning, chart-topping singer has been forced to cancel the first 2 dates of her UK tour after suffering illness.

Read what she has to say herself about the cancellation of the dates:
“hi guys, sorry about the first 2 shows. im as useless as a slug right now, ive had a rotten cold since i got home earlier this week and was hoping it wouldnt make its way onto my chest. but unfortunately it has and its leaving me breathless and i cant hold any of my notes when i sing. and i dont sound like myself either, because im all bunged up and croaky. id rather not do a show, then not do a good one for you. i have all day today, tomorrow and tuesday to get better without having to sing or really do anything so fingers crossed ill be better. love you as always, adele xx”

She has been talking about her plans to go back into the recording studio this November. She appeared on the new Jonathan Ross show this week and appeared to drop a hint that she may be recording the theme tune for the new Bond movie, due out next year.

If you were hoping to see Adele in Plymouth or Bournemouth then have a look at one of her biggest hits here instead.

Lindsay Lohan – the US actress who is more famous these days for her private life than her movie roles has been talking about the latest in her number of tattoos. 25-year old Lindsay has decided to have some of the lyrics of Billy Joel’s hit “I Go To Extremes” tattooed on the right side of her ribcage. The new tattoo reads “Clear as crystal, sharp as a knife, I feel like I’m in the prime of my life.”

Lindsay is a fan of having tattoos done to mark important events in her life, including her various relationships. La Lohan has been linked with a number of people on her time including dj Samantha Ronson and Die Hard star Bruce Willis.

She is said to have put down her full on love life to the influence of the girls in Sex and the City. “Sex and the City changed everything for me, those girls would just sleep with so many people.”

Due to her recent run-ins with the law Lindsay has not been seen in that many new movies. We are hoping that she can get back on track with her acting career and put together some more performances like those in Freaky Friday and Mean Girls, that got her so many nominations for awards early on in her career.


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