Darryn Lyons, Gisele Bundchen – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 24 August 2011

24 Aug

Darryn Lyons – Aussie-born media person and entrepreneur Darryn is currently one of those in the CBB house. Back in 1992 he founded the media company “Big Pictures”, which provides paparazzi style photos to the newspaper and magazine market. He first became well-known when his company sold a photo to the recently defunct News of the World, which they used to support a story that David Beckham was having an affair with his personal assistant Rebecca Loos.

As part of the CBB recent Wizard of Oz themed shopping task, Darryn had to dress as the Tin Man. He has received some attention as a result of showing his cosmetically altered six-pack, which appears to have been placed on top of his still quite generous natural stomach!

Gisele Bundchen – the Brazilian model has hit the headlines recently as together with husband Tom Brady she is part of the world’s highest earning couple according to US magazine Forbes. The couple was estimated to have had a joint income last year of some $76m.

Whilst her husband is no slouch on the income front it was Gisele who brought in most of the income with some $45m coming to her from her interests in fashion, endorsements and other business deals. Surprisingly they were well ahead of higher profile couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who brought in income of around $50m last year.

US earthquake – the earthquake that hit much of the US East Coast has caused an estimated $100m in damage. The quake was centered about 90 miles southwest of Washington D.C. in a place called Mineral in Virginia. It was measured at 5.8 on the Richter Scale, making it the largest quake in Virginia since 1897.

No area in the capital was spared, with damage being seen to the rotunda under the dome of the Capitol Building. The Washington Monument is to be closed indefinitely after cracks were found in the structure.

Following on from the recent disaster in Japan there was concern when one of the four emergency diesel generators lost power after the quake hit and automatically halted the power operation. The tremors were also felt up in the New York area with construction work stopped on the World Trade Centre site and the control towers at JFK and Newark Airports being evacuated.

As you can see from the attached footage the quake was originally rated at 5.9 although this was later downgraded to a 5.8 .

Tony Bennett – legendary crooner Tony is to lead a tribute to Amy Winehouse at the MTV Awards this weekend. He is to introduce a special tribute to Amy in Los Angeles on Sunday night and this will feature footage of him recording the track “Body and Soul” with Amy at Abbey Road Studios back in March this year. The track is to be released as a single together with a video on Amy’s birthday on September 14 with money from sales going to the Amy Winehouse Foundation which is being set up by Amy’s family.

Body and Soul will also feature on Tony’s forthcoming album “Duets II”. The track was the last studio track that Amy worked on. Toxicology reports have just been released showing that there were no illegal substances in Amy’s body at the time of her death although there has still been no official statement as to what caused her death.

Here is a preview of the upcoming “Body and Soul” release featuring Amy and Tony.

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