Celebrity Big Brother, Holly Valance, Doris Day, Salma Hayek – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 18 August 2011

18 Aug

Celebrity Big Brother – the new series of CBB starts tonight, making its first appearance on C5, having been dumped by C4 last year.
This year’s intake looks like including Kerry Katona and Jedward so more than enough to keep people going for starters. Apart for the change of channel this year there is also a change of presenter with the departure of Davina McCall making way for previous Big Brother winner Brian Downling.

Holly Valance – the lovely Holly Valance the actress/singer from Oz has been confirmed as a contestant on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing. She will provide the Aussie glamour opposite fellow Aussie Jason Donovan. They both appeared on Neighbours for a number of years with Jason playing Scott Robinson and Holly playing the part of the intriguingly named Flick Scully. Although Holly is currently going out with billionaire property developer Nick Candy the show’s producers are hoping that she will turn a few of the other dancers heads and provide the romance which normally appears at some time during the show’s run.

Doris Day – you might be forgiven for wondering if Doris was still around as she has not been heard of for some while. She is however about to release a new album at the age of 87 and some 17 years after her last album was released. The new album is to be called “My Heart” and is to be released on 5 September. The record comes some 66 years after her first hit “Sentimental Journey” was released in 1945. As well as the singing success Doris was known for her many film roles one of which, “Pillow Talk”, earned her an Academy Award nomination.

The new album was produced by her son, Terry Melcher, prior to his death in 2004 at the age of 62. One track on the album, “My Buddy”, is dedicated to her son.

Doris was famous for her squeaky clean image during her film career and one of the famous quotes about her comes from composer and actor Oscar Levant, who said “I knew Doris Day before she became a virgin”.

Salma Hayek – the 44-year old actress has been talking about how she believes women get sexier as they get older. She is not a fan of plastic surgery but does admit to having used “creams” all of her life to keep her skin looking younger. When she was asked if there was any part of her that used to look better she replied “my boobs”, adding: “They’re not bad, by the way. I’m not complaining about them.” Looking at this picture she doesn’t appear to be too ashamed of them to show them off.

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