Marg Helgenberger, Rowan Atkinson, Henry Cavill Superman, Super 8 – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 05 August 2011

05 Aug

Marg Helgenberger – it has been announced that the US actress, who has been a regular on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” since it began 11 years ago, is to leave the series at the end of the current US season. Helgenberger plays Catherine Willows on the show and said that she had originally planned to leave last year but the producers had talked her into staying for one more season. There seems to be some dispute about her age as the official release about her departure stated that she was 56 whereas we thought she was only 52. Beware the power of spurned tv executives!

You may remember from an earlier story that it was announced that Ted Danson is to replace Laurence Fishburne in CSI, so it looks like Marg will miss out on the chance to appear on screen with Sam Malone! By the way the thought above about annoying the CSI people may well be right as in the same post they have also spelt Fishburne’s name wrong. Obviously not a programme to upset.

Rowan Atkinson – the comedy actor is in hospital today after crashing his Mclaren F1 supercar into a tree and lamppost near Peterborough yesterday. It is not the first time Rowan has had a prang in the Mclaren F1 as he crashed into the back of a Metro in Lancashire in 1999. Atkinson has recently been seen on Top Gear and topped the rankings of people who were asked to drive a “Reasonably Priced Car”. See him in action below in a clip from the show.The MclarenF1 would certainly not rank as a reasonably priced car as it retailed at £540k back in 1994.

Henry Cavill – Superman – the first picture has been released of British actor Henry Cavill as Superman in the new Warner Bros film “Man of Steel”. The film is not due for release until 2013 so fans will have a long wait but they might find their appetites being wetted by a number of “peeks” over the coming months. 28-year old Channel Islander Cavill has previously been seen in the tv series “The Tudors” but was a bit of a surprise choice for the role. The photo, shown below, does appear to show that Superman is not wearing his regulation red underpants over his outfit so that might upset a few of the die-hard fans.

Super 8 – the new Steven Spielberg family film is released this week and has got some rave reviews with the Daily Mail comparing it to a modern-day ET in terms of appeal and quality. The story is, in brief, a young boy has just lost his mother and is dealing with this by making films and then some very strange things start to happen around town. It would spoil the film to give any more away but have a look at the official trailer and see what you think of it.

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