Carey Mulligan, Venice Tourist Tax, Danielle Lloyd, Winehouse Foundation – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 27 July 2011

27 Jul

Carey Mulligan – it appears that English Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan has got engaged to Marcus Mumford, front man of Mumford & Sons. It seems all the action took place last weekend at Babington House Hotel in Somerset where Carey was seen sporting a nice big ring.See Carey in her Prada dress as she arrived for the Oscars in 2010 where she was nominated for “An Education”.

Tourist tax – Venice, that top spot for romantic getaways, has introduced a tourist tax on people staying in hotels in the city. The tax will be introduced on 24 August and is set to be around 5 Euros a night for 5* hotels dropping in price for lower starred hotels and halving during the low-season. The tax is intended to raise £20m a year to pay for vital restoration work in the city which has for some time been in danger of sinking. Tourism is a huge part of the city’s culture as the population of 60k regularly doubles on a daily basis with the huge influx of tourists. It is no use thinking staying in a tent will save you from the new tax as it will apply to the area’s campsites as well as hotels and b&b’s.

Danielle Lloyd – model and tv presenter Danielle has just released some pictures of her baby son Harry via Twitter. Harry was born 10 weeks premature and as you can see from the pictures here at Heatworld he is still very very tiny. Good news for the week is that little Harry can now breath for himself and it sounds like he is getting stronger every day.

Winehouse Foundation – Amy’s father Mitch has spoken of the family’s plans to set up a foundation in Amy’s name to help those struggling with addiction. He has been quoted as saying that if you cannot afford private treatment then you face a 2 year wait for help, although the charity Drugscope deny that this is the case saying that according to the National Treatment Agency 94% of patients receive some form of treatment within 3 weeks. Amy’s dad said that she had conquered her drug addiction and in the last few weeks was the happiest he had seen her for years. She was also said to have been sober for the previous 3 weeks although we still don’t know what happened in her final hours.

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