Britney Spears, Steps – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 22 July 2011

22 Jul

Britney Spears – in a blast from the past we have Britney Spears at the top of the trending pile. Britney has been accused by a former bodyguard, Fernando Flores, of making “repeated sexual advances”. towards him. She has also been accused of having poor personal hygiene and neglecting her children in the lawsuit that Flores has filed. Flores, who only worked for Britney for 6 months says that his period of time with her has left him psychologically damaged and is claiming around £7m in damages. As she is back in the headlines a good opportunity to look at Britney in “Baby One More Time”.

Rebecca Leighton – the 27-year-old nurse is at the centre of the drama playing out at Stockport’s Stepping Hill Hospital, where so far 5 patients have died after saline drips appear to have been tampered with. Rebecca is still being questioned after being arrested by police during a dawn raid on the flat she shares with her fiancé. Recent photos on Rebecca’s Facebook site show her on a night out with friends and she describes herself as a “happy go lucky kinda gal”. For a recent photo of Becki and more details on the case see the Mail Online.

Steps – the 90’s British pop act Steps are to reunite for a tv documentary. The group, who disbanded in 2001, are to appear in a four part series to be shown on Sky Living later this year. The series will look at the break up of the group, their subsequent attempts at solo careers and plans for the group’s comeback. See them performing “Tragedy” in this video from 1991.

Oslo explosion – a huge bomb blast has rocked the Norwegian capital. The bomb went off near government buildings killing at least 2 people and injuring more than 15 others. Shortly after the bomb exploded there was a shooting incident nearby at a youth meeting of the Norwegian Labour Party, with 5 people being injured by a man dressed as a policeman. Although Scandinavian countries are seen as being more peaceful than some other European countries there are still a number of foreign groups who appear likely to be on early lists of suspects. Have a look at Sky News for a discussion of likely suspects.

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