Leona Lewis, Fern Britton, Peter Andre, 2-Headed Snake – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 16 July 2011

16 Jul

Leona Lewis – Brit singer who won the 3rd series of the X Factor back in 2006. She has been acknowledged as a great singer on both sides of the Atlantic, being the first British solo artist to top the Billboard chart with their debut album. Leona has just announced that she will be releasing her new single “Collide” on 4th September. The single is from her upcoming 3rd album which will be released in the next few weeks. See Leona perform her single “Run” on the X Factor in the video below.

Fern Britton – the ex This Morning co-host has been talking about her newly acquired tattoos. Fern, who admitted to getting a gastric band fitted in 2006, is enjoying being her age and feels more freedom and confidence than she did when she was a young woman. See her showing off her new tattoos in the Daily Mirror’s article.

She has been used to being in the public eye form an early age as she is the daughter of actor Tony Britton, well known from many UK films of the 50’s and 60’s and tv shows such as Don’t Wait Up and Robin’s Nest.

She had initially denied getting a gastric band fitted saying that her weight loss was due to eating healthier and taking up cycling.

Fern is married to chef Phil Vickery, who she met while filming Ready Steady Cook for the BBC.

Two-headed snake – a snake with two heads has gone on show in a zoo in Yalta in the Ukraine. The snake, which is a California Kingsnake, The 3-year-old snake is on loan from a zoo in Germany and its presence at the Ukranian zoo has doubled visitor numbers. The condition of having two or more heads is known as polycephaly and there have been instances of sheep, cats, dogs, cattle and fish all being born with more than one head although the highest number of cases have been in turtles and snakes. If you want to know more about two-headed snakes have a read of this National Geographic article from 2002.

Peter Andre – the singer has been talking about how his parents urged him not to get married to Katie Price, advice he now says was the best he was given but he obviously chose to ignore. Peter has been hailed as a great example of a parent himself since his split with Katie. He is currently appearing in the tv series “Peter Andre-Here To Help” where he changes things in people’s lives they are unhappy about. Keep up to date with Peter’s music and tv appearances on his own official website.


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