Fred West, Rebekah Brooks, Sharon Stone, Kelly Brook – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 15 July 2011

15 Jul

Rebekah Brooks resigned – Not a great surprise after recent events at News International. Chief executive Rebekah Brooks has this morning announced her resignation. She had come under increasing pressure to go after more and more revelations surfaced in the “phone hacking” scandal. See her resignation statement in full on the BBC site. See how quickly things have changed by looking at an article on the BBC’s business pages 10 days ago saying how Rebekah Brooks would not resign over this issue.

Fred West – it appears that the former home of this torturer, murderer and rapist is now being used as a brothel. The house at 25 Midland Road, Gloucester has apparently been used by a criminal gang to house dozens of women from Eastern Europe. They were promised good jobs here but ended up being used as prostitutes by the gang. Fred West was charged with 12 murders but committed suicide in prison in 1995 aged 53. His wife Rosemary, who was found guilty in 10 of the murder cases, is currently serving a life sentence in prison. The worst of the couple’s atrocities took place at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester and as you can see from this map it is just a short walk away from Midland Road.

Sharon Stone – the US actress, most famous for that leg crossing scene in Basic Instinct, has been ordered by a court to pay $232,000 to a man injured on her property. The man, Peter Krause, was installing a sound system in Stone’s property in 2008 when he slipped on muddy ground and after falling through a lattice fence ended up 12ft down a hill in a neighbour’s property. Krause originally sought $1.5m in damages but has said he is relieved the proceedings are now over. See a clip from her Oscar nominated performance in Casino with the legend that is Robert De Niro.

Kelly Brook – the curvy model turned tv presenter/actress has been wowing Italians in a stunning cream bikini. You may guess where she has been from the Sun’s headline “Naples so impressive, Kelly Brook”. Kelly is in Italy for the Ischia Film Festival.

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