Emma Watson, Sexsomnia, Tulisa, Zoe Ball – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 06 July 2011

06 Jul

Emma Watson kiss – Harry Potter star Emma has been talking about the moment Hermione and Ron Weasley finally get together as the “most anticipated kiss in history”. The kiss happens in the final film in the series “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2”, which premieres in London tomorrow. Emma talked on ITV’s Daybreak about the moment and how emotional she felt when she realised that filming on the series was finally over. Have a look at the interview in full on YouTube.

Sexsomnia – a jury at Swansea Crown Court has cleared a man of a rape charge after accepting his plea that he was suffering from sexsomnia. He man was cleared after expert evidence was given by the head of Edinburgh Sleep School. For more information on the condition and details of other cases where this has been used as a defence see the Wikipedia article on sleep sex.

Tulisa Contostavios – the N-Dubz singer and new X Factor judge is reported to be getting a £70k makeover after fears that she is too chavvy with her tracksuits and bling. She looked in need of a makeover when she turned up for the first audition programme in a black tracksuit that one insider described as looking like “pyjamas”. The programme bosses have called in the celebrity stylist Gemma Sheppard to sort out a new classier look for Tulisa. Check out some pre-makeover photos of her on one of her fansites to see what you think.

Rihanna – R’n’B singer Rihanna has been talking about her love life and says that what she likes best is men that can make her laugh. She says that she is not looking for anything serious at the moment as she wants to focus on her career. Check out latest news, videos, photos and Twitter updates on her official site.

Zoe Ball – it has been announced that Mrs Fat Boy Slim will be the new host of the Strictly Come Dancing spin off show “It Takes Two” on BBC2. She is said to be absolutely delighted as the family are all keen fans following Zoe’s 3rd place finish in the show back in 2005. Claudia Winkleman is giving up the role this year as she is due to give birth to her 3rd child close to the beginning of filming. See the unofficial fansite for more news, photos etc.

Zoe is of course not just famous for having a famous husband but also has a famous father, Johnny Ball, who was a big children’s tv star in the 1970’s and 80’s when he presented several shows covering maths and science subjects.

Zoe first came to our attention on radio before she was seen on our tv screens. She became the first woman to  present the Radio 1 breakfast show on her own.

In recent years she has moved to Radio 2 acting as the relief host of Ken Bruce’s show and also the Saturday Breakfast Show.


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