Jennifer Lopez, Hayden Panettiere, Petrol Prices – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 05 June 2011

05 Jun

Jennifer Lopez – Jennifer’s ex-husband is reported to be close to securing a deal to sell a home video of their honeymoon to a porn site. The tape is said to include around 20 mins footage of Lopez naked, with total footage being over 27 hours. Lopez and her lawyers previously won a ban on the video in 2009. Her first husband, Ojani Noa, and his girlfriend Claudia Vasquez now have a reason to overturn the earlier ban as they claim that a film that Vasquez wants to release includes the footage and banning the film would harm Vasquez’s career. To see how the story is being reported in the US look at Fox News coverage of the story.

Hayden Panettiere – US actress has been linked to New York Jets football star Mark Sanchez after the finish of her romance with giant boxer Wladimir Klitschko. The actress, who is best known for playing cheerleader Claire Bennet in tv series Heroes, says that she just likes having friends that are guys and has always been a big sports fan.

Panettiere has spoken how she thinks her acting options are often limited by the fact that people either view her as the “cheerleader type” or “just the blonde.”

After the big success of Heroes from its very first season Panettiere found herself named as one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful People.

Follow her recent romance and non-romances on’s site.

John Travolta – the Saturday Night Fever and Pulp Fiction actor back in the news with comments about his former colleague on Grease, Jeff Conaway, who played his sidekick Kenickie in the film and died last month. Travolta also often hits the news due to his connection with the Church of Scientology.To see what he says himself about his life visit JT’s own website.

Blood pressure – often a big hitter in the trending searches. People are more aware these days of the impact of their blood pressure on their general health and how high blood pressure is a major factor in causing heart problems and strokes. High blood pressure medication has been in the news recently as a study showed that some women taking blood pressure medication survived longer without seeing their tumours return. To read more about blood pressure look at the UK’s Blood Pressure Association website or better still if you are worried about your blood pressure see your doctor.

Petrol prices – with the price of fuel so high at the moment it is no wonder that this is a popular search. To find the best price for unleaded, regular, diesel or lpg in your area try out the

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