Zombie Apocalypse, End of the World, Nibiru – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 21 May 2011

21 May

Zombie Apocalypse – the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention decided to drum up some interest in preparing Americans for the start of the hurricane season. On its blog it posted an item describing how you prepare for a zombie apocalypse and received so much traffic it brought the site’s servers down. Read how to prepare for that zombie invasion here.

Fred Goodwin – former Royal Bank of Scotland head has finally caved in after obtaining a super injunction to keep details of an affair with a former colleague out of the public eye. He was forced into giving up his fight after his name was mentioned in the House of Lords by Lord Stoneham speaking under the protection of parliamentary privelege. See the Scotsman’s coverage of the latest scandal to hit “Sir Fred”.

HTC Desire – well thought of smartphone using Android with 3.7 inch screen. Available for around £20 per month at present depending on network and minutes/texts/data required, see what Pocket-lint thought of the HTC Desire or look at the company’s official site.

F1 – the Formula One season is now underway and the next race is the Spanish Grand Prix tomorrow, 22 May 2011. See details of the teams, drivers and updated info on the qualifying races at the official F1 site.

December 21 2012 – It seems that people are already thinking that today’s planned end of the world looks likely to be a non-event and are looking at the next likely date. This date is based on a Mayan belief that the planet Nibiru is headed for the Earth on that day. For more info and the welcoming news that this was changed from an original date of 2003 see what the International Business Times says.

EuroMillions – nice to see that the end of the World did not stop people trying to win a big pile of cash. As ever on a Saturday morning people are keen to see if the ticket they bought before going out on Friday night has managed to change their lives. Check your EuroMillions ticket here.

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