Jedward, Android Data Leak, Prince – What’s Hot and What’s Trending 18 May 2011

18 May

Jedward – John and Edward Grimes, Irish twins who X Factor viewers found hard to boot off even though they got panned most weeks. Fresh from their Eurovision performance  at the weekend their song Lipstick has sold 120k copies in Sweden, making it that country’s fastest selling single of the year. See more on them at their official site.

Android data leak – German researchers have found that 99% of Android devices connected to unsecured wi-fi networks leak personal data. For more info and to find out how to protect yourself check here.

Cheryl Cole – surprised it has taken 6 days to get her on the “Hot List”. The reinvented pop star/model/UK X Factor judge and soon to be US X XFactor judge is in the news today for her 3 reported movie offers from the US after appearing at the Cannes Festival. Rather than her official site here’s a site written by a devoted fan which has loads of regular updates.

Prince – Mr Nelson better known to us as Prince or TAFKAP, is back in the news as he has been confirmed as playing at the Hop Farm Music Festival this summer. It will be his first UK show for 4 years and with other top acts such as the Eagles and Morrissey also appearing tickets are likely to sell quickly. Tickets are on sale from tomorrow from the main site.

iPad 2 – latest generation of the Apple tablet computer. High quality but with more competition these days. See the cnet review here or check up the official Apple site.

Kristen Stewart – another top ranker in the searches this Twilight actress is seldom out of the top trenders. Doesn’t take much of a comment to get people looking her up, today’s comment being “vampires are sexy”. She has spawned many fan sites but this is one of the best.


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